What Author’s Think of Me (2016)

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It’s refreshing to find someone like Jeyran, She was quick to respond to my email, and read my book within a few weeks. Although a number of people have read the book, she spotted details which others seemed to have missed. I appreciate her understanding of the main character and the world building behind the story.

Chrys Cymri the Author of "The Temptation of Dragons" January 12, 2017

"Getting reviews for your work can be an uphill slog. Most reviewers/bloggers are so busy they don't have time to even reply to a request, much less review your novel. Not so with Jeyran. She not only responded to my inquiry, but reviewed my novel quickly and thoroughly. I applaud her work ethic, communication, and professionalism. I do have a question, though: when does she sleep?!

Thanks so much, Jeyran! Keep up the good work!"

Matt Cowper, The Author of "The Clerk" January 3, 2017

Your words seemed genuine, and that you gave the story sensitive consideration for what I was trying to convey. This, of course, resonates and gives a new author balance to keep going. For that I am grateful.

Reading and finding the stories that we truly like are different for everyone. Thanks for giving me your time and thoughts. I know you will be a huge help to the indie published authors out there seeking some recognition for their efforts. Blessings.

Kim Troike the Author of "Into the Vines" & "String the Cranberries" January 9, 2017

"Jeyran Main not only wrote an insightful and honest review, but also delivered it way sooner than I expected. As a first time author, I valued her feedback greatly and look forward to working with her for future books. What an amazing service she is providing to authors and readers! I highly recommend her site to other authors and readers alike."

Katherine Nelson, The Author of "Escape the Pain to Survive" December 23, 2016

"Jeyran Main has by far exceeded my expectations in terms of book review turn around time.  Very impressive!  Jeyran has given a true and fair review of my book, Lucky Go Happy and I greatly value her throughts not only as feedback to me, but to prospective readers of the book.
How wonderful it must be when you can combine your (obvious) love for reading with an (apparent) love to help others; authors and readers alike - thanks Jeyran Main!"

Paul van der Merwe - Author of "Lucky Go Happy" December 21, 2016

"As a new author, seeking reviews from bloggers is a daunting (and often fruitless) task, but Jeyran was incredibly obliging and friendly. Even though she must be inundated with requests, she responded to my message quickly and managed to squeeze my novel into her schedule in under a month. I'm very grateful to her for her approachability and professionalism. It's been a pleasure dealing with Jeyran, and I'm not just saying that because her review was incredibly flattering!"

S.A. Ellis - Author of "Disremembered" December 20, 2016

Jeyran was absolutely brilliant with a clinical, eagle-eye for proofreading, a highly patient and helpful manner in her correspondence and incredibly fair and insightful in her reviews. I will definitely be seeking her services again in future.

Dan cummings - Author of "Welcome to the Madhouse" December 19, 2016

“Jeyran performed a highly competent and honest review of ‘Rarity from the Hollow.’ She provides a valuable service to authors, readers, and to literature as a whole. Her review of this novel aptly illustrated a diverse interest in stories that may fall well outside of mainstream cookie-cutter releases, thereby matching content to target audiences. On behalf of the entire World of Books, thank you, Jeyran, for your contributions!” -- Robert Eggleton

Robert Eggleton - Author of "Rarity from the Hollow" December 15, 2016

 As the author of nine novels, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of bloggers. While almost all are fair and thoughtful, few are as thorough as Jeyran Main. She breaks down a story, element by element, and tells readers the things they need to know to make informed decisions. I will gladly recommend her to authors and others looking for well-written, comprehensive evaluations of current literature.

John A. Heldt - The Author of "September Sky" December 11, 2016

I appreciated Jeyran's review of my novel "Mad God Walking." It was exciting for me to read that Jeyran connected with a lot of the inherent weirdness of the book, and I found her criticisms completely legitimate.

Connor Drexler- Author of "Mad God Walking" December 20, 2016

"Jeyran Main gave me insightful feedback that helped me in my writing.  She was honest in mentioning the parts of the book that she liked as well as the parts she did not. She broadened my perspective on my writing. Her feedback has  helped me on my journey to being a better writer. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have my book reviewed by her."

Gabriel Elmahrek - The Author of "Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon" December 14, 2016

If you’ve already read The House of the Soul, you will find my words here laced with a certain irony. One of the insights the protagonist learns on her journey is not to rely on validation from the outside world, but to find it within yourself. As an author, I’m afraid my spiritual journey has not evolved that far. Instead, I rush to read any new review and bask in the validation of my work wherever I can find it! Jeyran did a wonderful job describing the heart and soul of the story, without giving too much away. She also hinted at the different layers available for a reader to explore beyond the main plot. I highly recommend utilizing Jeyran’s many talents if you’re after an insightful review of your work.

Annie Dawson - The Author of "The House Of The Soul" December 12, 2016


“Jeyran’s review of our book “Latecomers to Love” was spot on!  She understood our sense of humour, and what we were trying to achieve with our stories about our dating experiences.

Jeyran’s review was very honest and we were impressed by her objective and thoughtful perspective.  We very much appreciated her taking the time to review our book."



Dee Cleary - The Author of "Latecomers To Love" December 11, 2016

I am so pleased that Jeyran Main took the time to review my book This Modern Love , and what a thoughtful review it is. I always feel humbled that readers get something out of my works, and it's fascinating to see the themes interpreted through other readers.

I look forward to reading more reviews from Jeyran and hence introduced to more great books, and I'll definitely be sharing this platform with other authors and readers I know.

Ray Hecht - The Author of "THIS MODERN LOVE: a novel" December 2, 2016

Jeyran's review of my book is extremely detailed. I appreciate that she identified both what she did and didn't like about it. As a writer, little is more valuable than such comprehensive feedback.
I must say that Jeyran's level of professionalism is difficult to surpass. She answered my query email within hours, and she provided me with a remarkably prompt review. I would recommend her to readers and authors alike! Both will appreciate her thorough assessment of books.

Jessica Hernandez - The Author of "Capering on Glass Bridges" December 11, 2016

It was a pleasure working with Jeyran for my book The Girl From Rostov.  She not only provided a timely review but also a highly extensive and accurate one. She noted down any mistakes that she came across while reading and sent me screenshots so that I could further work on it. She posted her review all over the internet which in turn gave my book the exposure that it needed.I would certainly recommend her even though my recommendation is the last thing she needs as her reviews speak for themselves.

Shitij Sharma - The Author of "The Girl From Rostov" December 10, 2016

“The review itself I found great. It’s always exciting to have someone leave an in-depth and thoughtful reaction to a work I’ve labored on. Even the critiquing points were accurate and good feedback for me as a writer – yet written for the perspective reader / buyer. That’s a hard line to navigate in some reviews. I’ve found the entire process – from requesting a review to the communication once the review was completed – to be helpful in letting me know what to expect up front. Asking for honest reviews can be difficult as frequently you hear nothing back in any timely fashion – a problem Jeyran did not repeat.”

Stephan Morse - The Author of "Once Lost Lords (Royal Scales, Book 1)" November 20, 2016

“I conversed with Jeyran via twitter about the possibilities of reviewing my book. I was surprised and deeply interested in having a review person dive into the abyss, needless to say, the anticipation was killing me as I have found the whole first-time writing experience to be very real and raw.

Well, I received an email from Jeyran telling me the review was posted and available to be read by me and now the whole world. I could not click the link fast enough. Upon reading the review, I realized that this person (Jeyran) had definitely read my book cover to cover and was quite sweet in foregoing some grammar mistakes of mine for the real true story that was found within the covers of my book.

My nerves were at ease, and a glowing review was received, that makes writing a book so very very special to any writer.

I consider the review service of Jeyran to be very honest and thorough, as I, the author knew immediately that the book had been read in full and some thought was given to the review.

Ten thumbs up to Jeyran for the book review.”

Aidan McNally -The Author of "TWO sons TOO many" November 20, 2016

“I love Jeyran’s review of my book “Weight Loss for Vegans,” as she really took the time to thoroughly study it and point out its strengths as well as factors that could need a bit of improvement, in a subtle manner. Jeyran was the first reviewer that really “got it”. She is helpful, reliable and unbiased. I think readers will absolutely love her balanced point of view. I would definitely recommend her!”


Kayla Keyes -The Author of "Weight Loss for Vegans" November 20, 2016

“Kind and gracious words from a respected reviewer who seems to value and appreciate strong women everywhere. Writing is a tough and lonely business, much like Pearl’s world in medicine circa 1883. But people like this reviewer make me want to keep giving it a try. Thank you!”

Marie Bartlett - The Author of "Pearl, MD & Pearl, MD: The Way West" November 20, 2016

Writing can be a lonely profession, and most writers crave any attention to the product that they have worked so hard to produce. Getting people to read and talk about your book is time-consuming, and many reviewers never respond. Jeyran made the process of a book review easy and quick. Her review reflected understanding the entire story, and I really appreciated the time it took to read my novel and write the review. She even went to the extra effort to identify a few punctuation errors. Maybe I should have had her as my final editor. She obviously loves reading books and communicating with the authors that create them. I wish more people in the world were like Jeyran who took the time and effort to connect with an author she had never met. -Jim Kochanoff

November 20, 2016

Here’s hoping more authors and readers will discover Review Tales. Jeyran’s reviews are honest and objective, providing constructive feedback. Books should be judged based on the entirety of the work and without bias. In my experience, no one is better at this than Review Tales. Thank you for reviewing my book and all the others on your wonderful site.

Victor Wilkie November 20, 2016

“I want to thank Jeyran Main for writing a great review of my book. It is honest and is right about some things. I probably should have stated where recovery means, “to get back into life” also at the beginning and at the end. It would have made better sense as they read the whole book. Despite this, the review was thoughtful and reinforces hope and the stigma associated with mental illness.”

Linda N. Baron-Katz - The Author of "Surviving Mental Illness: My Story" November 20, 2016

“I found Jeyran to be completely honest about her feelings regarding her review of my book. She took a very disciplined approach to highlighting the parts she enjoyed and the parts that she felt could be improved. She also went the extra mile to ask if it would be better to read the first two books of the trilogy before this one since, I requested the review. She was sporting enough to do the review without having read the others. She was very complimentary on the fact that she would have liked to read the first books but found that there was enough in the third to make it unnecessary although maybe a nice thing to do. She was totally professional in her assessment.”

John W. Howell - The Author of "Our Justice, His Revenge & My Girl" November 20, 2016

“Jeyran Main is a very intelligent, and hard working well-known book critic and I was very happy she wanted to review my new book about online dating, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed.”

I have never met her but was overly impressed with her observations and insights into this new book.  She grasped the theme of it completely.  She uniquely called my book a “Sex in the City” from the male standpoint, and I did find my own “Carrie Bradshaw.”

If you want an excellent, prompt and intelligent review of your book, contact Jeyran and I hope you are as lucky as I was to have her take your book on.”

Bruce Miller - The Author of "I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed" November 20, 2016

“When Jeyran Main of Review Tales reviewed our new book “The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine” we were entirely shocked and very pleasantly surprised. She clearly took her time and carefully delved beneath the cover to uncover the depth of the story.

The review was fair, very deep and grasped the relation between the author’s personal experiences and the far more general history of medical innovators often slaughtered because their new ideas and/ or inventions threatened commonly held notions or shook up “the bottom line” of profits.

Jeyran obviously reads the books she reviews very carefully and totally got the point of our book.

She accomplished the same thing in the same way with her review of our other book Erasing Scars: Herpes and Healing.

Again, instead of just assuming she knew what the book was about from the title and cover, Jeyran methodically studied Erasing Scars and came to the conclusion that ours was a book not only specific to the millions with herpes infections but also was of general interest to all interested in the toxic effects of stress and a new theory of disease. She ended her review stating: “ I recommend this book to anyone open to new medical discoveries and innovative remedies to healing.”

In summary, if you are an indie author or a major publisher or anyone in between who wants to really know the worth of a book and desires “the real deal” in a true and honest book review, Jeyran Main and Review Tales is as good as it gets.”

Jame D. Okun, MD - The Author of "The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine & Erasing Scars" November 20, 2016

It's only fair to share...
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