What Authors Think Of Me (2017)

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"Working with Jeyran has been an absolute pleasure; she is dedicated, professional and really knows how to get into the heart of a story! Jeyran really picked up on the quirkiness of my children's novel and expertly pinpointed the underlying message I had hoped to convey. I found her to be extremely pleasant and accommodating, and I feel she has a natural knack for bringing readers and authors together, something which is much-needed in the literary industry, particularly for indie authors. I would not hesitate to work with Jeyran again and would recommend her to all writers - and readers - out there!"

Sarah Brownlee - Author of "The Experiment of Professor Polgas" August 18, 2017

"I want to thank Jeyran for this meticulous and honest review. A very professional attitude, she tells us about every step in the process. She read my novel right on time and quickly. She really captured my story and explained it in the best way."

S.N. Lemoing - Author of "Powerful" August 18, 2017

"I loved working with Jeyran and her blog, Review Tales. She's very
dedicated and professional. The review she wrote for my book was
insightful and very well written, so much so that I asked her
permission to quote it amid the editorial reviews of the novel.
Happily, she agreed!"

Petra F. Bagnardi - Author of "A Different Kind of Lovely:A Novel" July 28, 2017

"Jeyran Main gave my book a thoughtful, honest and kind review. She is a pleasure to work with and was very helpful when I had questions. She also gave my book a promotional boost by sharing her review on other websites. Every bit helps indie authors like me 🙂 I am extremely happy with her work and would definitely request her service again in the future. Many thanks!"

Clifton Kenny - Author of "Reflections" July 28, 2017

"Jeyran gets a high five from me. A busy reviewer took the time to read and review
my book over all the others available. The review was personable and revealed the
feelings and emotions my story conveyed. Great job Jeyran."

Pat Patterson - The Author of "Dining and Driving with Cats" July 11, 2017

"Jeyran responded quickly to my initial inquiry about a review. From the outset she was very professional and upfront with what she needed and how long it would take. Even with a busy schedule, it only took her a few weeks to read my novel, Destitutio Quod Remissio, and compose an extremely thoughtful review. The book isn't one that is read quickly and leans towards the literary fiction spectrum, which underscores how talented Jeyran is at reading a book and getting to its heart. Which is really what every author hopes a reviewer is able to and will do."

July 9, 2017

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"I am so grateful that I found you Jeyran, to read and review my first book in the Talon series.

You have captured what I hope for readers to see between the written words and will live with Matica and will experience, what she experiences. Rejection, lonely, love, friendship, friends.

Not expecting it so fast, she wrote me a professional and wonderful review and posting it to many places, so people can see it and hopefully buy my book.

I am very satisfied and wish she could read and review more of my books"

Gigi Sedlmayer - Author of the "Talon Series" July 4, 2017

default image
"For a first-time author, it can be so hard to get reviews. Even when your book sells, it's still hard to get reviews! So, I'm very grateful to Jeyran for not only reviewing my book but also wanting to read it! She wrote an honest, detailed review and that's all I want from a reviewer. I will definitely contact her again when my next book is published."

June 28, 2017

"It was such a great honor to work with Jeyran after I requested my book for review. She was professional and always answered and emails I had regarding the review. I would highly recommend her to any independent author trying to make his mark with a blogger's review of their book."

Peter Hopkins - Author of "The Sword to Unite" June 25, 2017

"I am very grateful to Jeyran for her thoughtful and thorough review. She captures what I hoped readers would experience in reading my stories and expresses her feelings succinctly and powerfully. If you are looking for book reviewer who invests not only her time but engages deeply with the words you have struggled to put together, look no further than Jeyran. Very professional and highly recommended!"

Francis Shaw - Author of "Breadcrumbs: A Collection of Spiritual & Philosophical Essays" June 24, 2017

"I appreciate very much Jeyran’s professional, upbeat, positive review of my new book, PENNY.  I know Jeyran has a heavy schedule, but she got to my book’s review much faster than I expected.  Jeyran is a professional in every way and is a pleasure to work with.  I particularly enjoyed Jeyran’s communication, keeping me abreast of her schedule and letting me know when the review was completed and where it was posted. I look forward to sending Jeyran a copy of my next published book."

Peter Davidson - Author of "PENNY: Hands I Passed Through... Things I Saw... Stories I Can Tell!" June 21, 2017

"I am so grateful that I came across Jeyran while searching for reviewers for my self-published novel, Recreance. Despite having a sizable list of books to read and review, she was able to get to mine in a very timely manner. Communication was responsive and professional, and my overall experience was excellent. The review itself was well thought out, poignant, and constructive. I am looking forward to hearing what she thinks of the next book in the series once it's released!"

H. G. Chambers - Author of Recreance (book 1 of the Aeternum Chronicles) June 21, 2017

"As a self-published author, it is difficult to get your work in front of others. Well-written reviews can only help when trying to attract an audience. Jeyran was a pleasure to work with, reading my book in a timely fashion and writing a thought provoking review when she was done. My book deals with a difficult subject matter, but Jeyran realized my intention in writing it, which was to stir up the reader's emotions, inform them of a harsh reality confronting society, yet portray a heroine with a depth of emotion the reader can relate to. I appreciate not only what Jeyran had to say but how professional she was to work with."

Keith Julius - Author of "The Robber Of Youth." June 17, 2017

"Jeyran was an absolute wonder to work with. I’m so grateful to her for taking the time to read and review books by indie authors without charge—and so quickly as well. The turnaround time for my monster of an epic fantasy novel was a little over a month. She’s very fair regarding her ratings and gives a thoughtful, honest opinion on what she reviews.
I highly recommend her!"

Nicholas Rinth - Author of The Drowned Tower June 20, 2017

"I was very satisfied working with Jeyran Main. She provided a professional and insightful review to my book and posted it in a timely fashion on all expected platforms and more. I will certainly contact her again in the future when I publish my next book."

Flavio Verna Santonocito - Author of "Pnaramakhia" June 5, 2017

"I am very grateful that my work found its way to Jeyran for a review. She is a consummate professional, and it shows from beginning to end. She was always quick to communicate where she was with a project, and there was never a doubt that her review would be done on time for my book’s launch. Her understanding of my novel’s themes and characters proved to me that she placed much time and the utmost of care into her review. Any author seeking an honest review and criticism that is on-point should send their work to Jeyran."

H. A. Callum - Author of "Whispers in the Alders" June 5, 2017

"Jeyran was great to work with. She engaged constructively with the book and had the review published extremely quickly. A+ from me!"

Matthew Luddon - Author of "The Revolutions of Caitlin Kelman" May 29, 2017

"Working with Jeyran Main was such a pleasure - I could not have asked for more in a review.  She provided a concise description of the plot as well as a thoughtful analysis and genre recommendations.  I can't wait to work with her again - she is absolutely an asset to the reviewing community!"

Jodi Hockinson - Author of "Between Two Worlds" May 23, 2017

 "Asking for reviews can be a difficult task. No one enjoys combing the internet for feedback.  Jeyran not only gave a solid, thoughtful review, but she did it a timely matter. Jeyran was very professional and I hope to work with her again soon with my new series."

Derek Armstrong - Author of Echo Effect May 20, 2017

"Working with Jeyran Main has been a wonderful experience. She is a consummate professional who cares about seeing independent authors succeed with their books. I appreciate her taking the time to write an honest and timely review for my debut book "Blind to Succeed" and posting it literally everywhere imaginable. Jeyran provides a valuable service to new authors who are looking to get their books published and shared with the world. She is always quick to reply whenever you need any answers. I find her to be a breath of fresh air and I can highly recommend her services!"

Michael Atkins - Author of "Blind to Succeed" May 20, 2017

"It can be extremely hard as a self-published author to get reviews, or to even get anyone to notice your book. Jeyran not only took the time to read my book, but also left a comprehensive, thoughtful review that brought to light strengths of the book I didn't even realize were there. She is professional and answers quickly, and you can tell she truly has a passion for what she does. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Sean Fletcher - Author of "In The Depths of Darkness" May 15, 2017

"Jeyran took the time to write a well considered constructive review of my brand new detective series which is really helpful as an indie author. Often the book publishing world is closed off to new concepts or any material that is not deemed commercial enough but Jeyran is providing a wonderful service by reviewing books outside the mainstream. Often this feedback is invaluable in helping people become better writers. Thank you for reading and reviewing my book it is very much appreciated."

Timothy Price - The Author of "The Case of the Twitter Troll" May 15, 2017

"I had a wonderful experience working with Jeyran.  She is a consummate professional and took the time to write a honest, timely review for my debut book.  I really appreciate her prompt communications with me, her professionalism and her writing skills!  I highly recommend her!”

Jenny Eden Berk - Author of "The Body Image Blueprint: Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence" May 10, 2017

"As new authors, it has been crucial to getting objective reviews from people who spend a lot of time reading many different books. We were very grateful that Jeyran Main graciously agreed to review our book and we couldn't be more pleased with her conclusions. She delivered within the time frame she promised and posted the review to many sites. We highly recommend her!"

Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D. and Robin Personette - Author of "Despair to Deliverance: A True Story of Triumph Over Severe Mental Illness." May 9, 2017

"It is always refreshing to find someone as dedicated to authors, especially indie authors as Jeyran Main! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience!"

Ben Jackson - Author of "The Day My Fart Followed Me To Soccer" May 6, 2017

"It's always nice to see a blogger who cares about the authors just as much as the books. The importance of reviews is immeasurable, and Jeyran goes above and beyond. She fairly and timely reviewed my book, Rise of the Chosen, and posted it on several review sites and social media. Who could ask for more? Thanks!"

Anna Kopp Author of "Rise of the Chosen" April 28, 2017

"Thank you Jeyran, it’s always constructive to have someone review your work and to hear other people's opinions, especially when presented in Jeyran's clear, professional, and most importantly, honest style. I'd highly recommend the service to any other first-time author looking to spread the word about their work."

Luke Thorpe Author of "The SilverFox's Guide to Cocktails: A Spiritual Journey" April 27, 2017

"It’s always such a thrill to have one’s work reviewed, especially when it is by someone who communicates as professionally as Jeyran.  It is obvious that she doesn’t take her role as a reviewer lightly, from her evident, genuine interest to her timely delivery of a promised review.  It is a privilege to have had her accompany the main character of The Footsteps of Cain along his path of destruction and discovery.  Thank you so much for evaluating the book, Jeyran!  I’m so happy you enjoyed it!"

Derek Kohlhagen – Author of “The Footsteps of Cain” April 26, 2017

"Thank you, Jeyran, for your wonderful review of The Perihelion. What I appreciated most about it, is that you specifically addressed the uniqueness of the work:  there are six protagonists, each written in the first person. When I was writing the book, I was concerned that I was creating something too complicated for its own good, but you dispelled these fears with your fair words. In short, thank you for promoting the indie author community! We are lucky to have the likes of you."

David Wozniak - Author of "The Perihelion" April 26, 2017

"Jeyran is a professional and straight shooting person.  In taking the time to review my book and engage in meaningful contact, she not only provided new pathways for people to find said book, but also gave me a practical glimpse into what the review process typically entails.  Being very new to publishing fiction and receiving reviews, she was a good person to cross paths with early on and I have one hundred percent faith in her abilities."

Arrison Kirby - The Author of "Coping with Death and Destruction" April 11, 2017

"Jeyran did a fantastic job encapsulating my intent in writing my biography on Dwyane Wade. Jeyran's review gave me a great deal of confidence and validation that I was able to accomplish my goal of touching my readers with inspirational stories of famous athletes. I would highly Jeyran if you are looking for a fresh perspective on your works."

Clayton Geoffreys - The Author of "Dwyane Wade: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Greatest Shooting Guards (Basketball Biography Books)" April 1, 2017

“I am a first-time author who just wanted to share my experience about the death of my daughter in a meaningful and personal way that would help other people. Jeryran did a great job treating the subject matter of my book with respect and reverence. My book was written from my personal religious world view and I wondered how it would resonate with readers of other faiths and she did a great job identifying key principles that would help readers of my book know why it would be meaningful to them even if they were of a different faith and had not gone through the same trials that I had. She does a great job really spreading her review to every social media site. She was quick and professional in all her interactions with me and I would recommend her site to any other looking to get the word out about their book. I will also be recommending her site to any avid reader.”

Bryan Young - The Author of “Meant for Heaven: A Little Girl’s Journey to Paradise” March 17, 2017

"I can’t recommend Jeyran Main highly enough! The thoughtful details which she puts into all her reviews leave the readers with little doubt about the quality of the books which she reviews. If you’re an author looking for reviews and blog features, or a reader looking for new books to read, then you’ve come to the right place."

Ben Jackson - The Author of "If I Was A Caterpillar" March 17, 2017

“I am so thankful for Jeyran’s kind review of my book “The Power of Time Perception”. She is an extremely talented intellectual with a broad knowledge in so many non-fiction subjects and I grateful she accepted to review my book. Her review is honest and thorough, which is great for start-up authors. Thank you so much Jeyran and best wishes – Jean Paul”.

Jean Paul - The Author of "The Power of Time Perception" March 17, 2017

"Jeyran is an extremely professional reviewer and quite the fast reader. For my urban fantasy debut novel, A Change of Heart, she not only read it in a much shorter time than I expected, but her review of it found substance and themes that I did not realise (as they were in my subconscious). What this means is that Jeyran is a talented and thoughtful reader, evidence of which is portrayed in her honest, insightful and thorough review, with a keen eye for detail. This only shows that she takes the time to read your work, whilst pointing out where to improve in the future. All in all, I was completely happy with her services and shall definitely request more book reviews from her!"

Mark Benjamin - Author of A Change of Heart March 17, 2017

“As the author of ten novels, I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of bloggers. Few have proved more pleasant, professional, and thorough as Jeyran. She brings knowledge, perspective, and enthusiasm to each review, not to mention a mastery of the language that is impressive in its own right. I highly recommend her site to authors and readers alike.”

Hannah’s Moon - The Author of John A. Heldt March 10, 2017

Jeyran was fantastic! She didn’t just review my book, she offered advice on where to submit it, to give it the best possible chance. As a first-time author, I can’t thank her enough. She replied to my review request immediately, and her thorough review of ‘Billy’s Search for the Healing Well’ moved me to tears. She even picked up on the witty, comedic, element to the book, which, until reading the review, I wasn’t sure had worked. Jeyran, has given me so much more confidence in my writing. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a unique, thorough, insightful and fair review. I’ll always be grateful, thank you again, Helen.

Helen C Burke – The Author of ‘Billy’s search for the Healing well’ March 2, 2017

"We at StrangeBooks are always grateful to independent book bloggers. They are what makes the Indie publishing world go round. Jeyran has proven herself to be a thoughtful, open minded and honest reviewer. Her love of books shines through her carefully chosen words and her ability to share her enthusiasm with her readers means that she will enable many fabulous and otherwise-overlooked books to be read by the many eager readers out there who are desiring something new and different."

Strange Books - Mike Russell author of "Strange Medicine" February 27, 2017

"Jeyran is an extremely talented and thoughtful reviewer. She responded immediately to my emails.  I told her that we recently did a book launch and that we needed reviews quickly, she put aside another project to read my book.  Her reviews are not your typical review, they are extremely detailed and well written.  She discusses character and plot seamlessly.  Jeyran was extremely kind and you can tell that she truly enjoys reading books and reviewing them.  She will be my go-to person for all of my future releases."

Grace Lockhaven - The Author of "Quest Chasers" February 24, 2017

"Working with Jeyran was nothing if not an amazing experience! She was professional, helpful, quick to respond to my email, and she has an eye for the detail that only comes with years of experience. The review she wrote for my Science Fiction novel Halfway was insightful and thorough, and I am grateful to her for all the help she provided me and to hundreds of other new authors."

Lokesh Sharma - The Author of "Halfway" February 24, 2017

"I truly enjoyed Jeyran's review of my comic book "Ladies of Market Street"  It was a fresh look at the plot and characters and an honest review.  I am grateful for the work that Jeyran does, as it gets the word out about writing that is easily overlooked. The process of the review was smooth as she communicates and completes her review quickly with great quality in her work."

Emily Whitaker - The Author of "Ladies of Market Street" February 24, 2017

"I am grateful for Jeyran's review of 'Kale & Jason'. She responded
and completed the review in a timely manner with a sense that she read
and understood the book -- awesome. Jeyran provides a valuable service
to overlooked authors and I recommend that anyone in need of a review
to consider her."

Travis Lee - The Author of : "Kale & Jason" February 23, 2017

default image
"We are in an industry and community where we need people like Jeyran to survive.
Jeyran was great to liaise with and quick with constructing her review of our novel: "POPO GIGI: the earlier years - London to Bollywood". It was a very honest and direct review. We hope more people uncover Jeyran's extremely helpful and valuable service to the industry. Thank you for reviewing the novel and for your on-going support to independent authors!"

POPO GIGI from Joliwood Books February 13, 2017

I was thrilled with Jeyran's review of Netwalking Space! While it is part of a series, I tried to write it as a standalone. Jeyran's review made me confident that I was able to pull that piece off, which makes me very happy. A very pleasant person to work with and a lovely review. Thank you so much Jeyran.

Joyce Reynolds-Ward - The Author of "Netwalking Space" February 6, 2017

Jeyran was great! She replied to my review request very quickly; and read my book within the time-frame she had given me. When I read her review, I was deeply touched, knowing she had really taken the time to engage with my book. Jeyran completely understood what writing and sharing this book means to me. Her review was sincere, supportive and thorough. Thank you again, Arusha.

Arusha Topazzini the author of "A Mother Dies" February 5, 2017

Jeyran at Review Tales did a wonderful job reviewing The Buried Symbol, sharing insights of some underlying plot details without exposing spoilers for would-be readers. She provides a valuable service to lesser-known authors and does so in a professional manner.

Jeff Kohanek the author of "The Buried Symbol: The Runes of Issalia, Book I" January 29, 2017

Like many independent authors, I have struggled to obtain reviews for my book. Jeyran offers a valuable service. She responded to my review request speedily and gave a thorough, honest review while posting it literally everywhere

Rhonda Armbrust the Author of "Remote Viewer: Shadow Rescue" January 20, 2017

I am so grateful for Jeyran's review of my novel, Angles - Part I. She was able to capture the storyline I set out to tell. Her character analysis was spot on. Being a first-time independent author, I found that getting people to notice you and give you a chance was challenging. That's what I'm most grateful for, she gave me a chance and her honest review lifted my spirits and interest in my book.

Erin Lockwood the Author of "Angles - Part I" January 16, 2017

It’s refreshing to find someone like Jeyran, She was quick to respond to my email, and read my book within a few weeks. Although a number of people have read the book, she spotted details which others seemed to have missed. I appreciate her understanding of the main character and the world building behind the story.

Chrys Cymri the Author of "The Temptation of Dragons" January 12, 2017

"Getting reviews for your work can be an uphill slog. Most reviewers/bloggers are so busy they don't have time to even reply to a request, much less review your novel. Not so with Jeyran. She not only responded to my inquiry, but reviewed my novel quickly and thoroughly. I applaud her work ethic, communication, and professionalism. I do have a question, though: when does she sleep?!

Thanks so much, Jeyran! Keep up the good work!"

Matt Cowper, The Author of "The Clerk" January 3, 2017

Your words seemed genuine, and that you gave the story sensitive consideration for what I was trying to convey. This, of course, resonates and gives a new author balance to keep going. For that I am grateful.

Reading and finding the stories that we truly like are different for everyone. Thanks for giving me your time and thoughts. I know you will be a huge help to the indie published authors out there seeking some recognition for their efforts. Blessings.

Kim Troike the Author of "Into the Vines" & "String the Cranberries" January 9, 2017

"Jeyran Main not only wrote an insightful and honest review, but also delivered it way sooner than I expected. As a first time author, I valued her feedback greatly and look forward to working with her for future books. What an amazing service she is providing to authors and readers! I highly recommend her site to other authors and readers alike."

Katherine Nelson, The Author of "Escape the Pain to Survive" December 23, 2016

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