The Book of Ralph by Chris Steinsvold (Book Review #396)

The book of Ralph is a dark science fiction story. There is a message coming from the moon, and Markus West is investigating to see what it is and who it is from. “Drink Diet Coke” is the message and it up rises mixed emotions. Markus finds himself to be in a tricky situation. The alien causing all this trouble has everyone in an uproar. He has a plan, and that is to get Markus deliver a message to the white house.

I found the story to be humorously exploring the concept of humility by having aliens invade. Ralph, the alien is very loveable and in fact, has a big heart. He isn’t there to harm anyone. The story was entertaining to read, and the connection between the two worlds was quite enjoyable.

The literature stood out for me. That was just because it carried the storyline to its peak of delightfulness. The plot was simple but the way it was told, made all the difference. I also thought that the main characters were drafted well and were individually developed creating a diverse cast of players.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy reading humorous content.

Written by Jeyran Main

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