The ’69: A Second Chance for a Father and Son by Joseph McCloskey (Book Review #247)

This review was kindly requested by Joseph McCloskey.

The ’69 is a fictional novel written about Jack. He and his late father were just beginning to get along and to bond before he passes away. Jack is left with some unresolved psychological matters when his own son grows and wishes to have a relationship with him. Jack then has to overcome the issues that are affecting his relationship with his son.

I found the story to be written in a very nice way. The tale begins moving from the past to the present and then back to the past, in order to cover the back story. The author spends much time on description and detail of the scene, which was nice as it enabled me to visualize the surrounding.

The character development was strong. The author succeeds in fully grabbing the reader’s attention. Jack’s emotions and how he overcomes the hardship he faces makes you immediately feel strong and sympathetic towards him. His relationship with his wife was really well written.

The pace of the story is not fast nor slow and the momentum remains consistency until the end. I believe that the author has great potential in producing well written – similar style of work in this genre.

I recommend this book to fiction readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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