Born for Adversity by Keith Julius (Book Review #261)

Born for Adversity is the second book of The CASA Chronicles. The story is about Aaron Reed, a little boy that gets injured at a playground and is sent to the ER. At the hospital, things turn for the worse when the family is suspected of child abuse. Marks on Aaron’s back and his side are discovered creating doubt in Laura’s mind (the mother) that her son is somehow being abused at home by her partner, Ted. Tensions are high once Ted packs his bags to leave.

The mystery then began, unfolding what this family goes through in the events that happen afterward. The story is written in a very heartfelt way and it is impossible for the reader to remain impartial about the whole endeavor.

The character development was achieved in a very well manner. It Included the children’s feelings and described everything in detail. This created a suspenseful and very intriguing notion for the reader wanting to find out what is going to happen next.

I was not expecting anything less from this author since I had read his third book, I knew that the quality of work was not going to be anything less.

I recommend this book to young adult readers and fiction lovers.


Written by Jeyran Main


This Review was kindly requested by Keith Julius.

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