Where I Find Inspiration for My Writing By Michael Okon



Where I Find Inspiration for My Writing

By Michael Okon

I write full time. It’s my job. It pays the bills. Like any job, I have to bring my A game if I want to succeed. This means constantly coming up with ideas for new books. You’d think I’d run out of them after a while, but so far I’ve been able to stockpile a file folder full of book topics. And that’s the key – keeping a stockpile of ideas on hand for those times when the thoughts just won’t come. How was I able to accumulate so much information? If you’re an author, you’ll understand. You see story ideas in just about everything.


This might not be enough to weave into a full-blown book, but it’ll certainly help with dialogue and can even spark and even bigger idea. I keep my ears open wherever I go. You never know when the perfect phrase will come out of someone’s mouth. It ends up sounding so much more genuine and believable.


Photographs can be powerful writing motivators. Take out those long-forgotten photo albums and really look at them. Take note of everything – background, scenery, clothing, expressions. All of these can be used as jumping off points for your writing. No family photo albums available? No problem! Do a photo search on Google. That should keep you busy and give you tons of ideas.


News Stories

 Even the tiniest story can spark an awesome idea. Look for quirky bits of information. They’re everywhere, and they’re just waiting to be spun into your writing. You don’t need a physical copy either. Google is your friend here too. Plug in a search for “quirky news bits” and watch the ideas roll!


If you love to write, you’d better love to read too. Books are amazing, wonderful things that allow the imagination to run wild. It goes without saying that I’m not suggesting you copy other authors. Please don’t do that. But if you’re a writer, then you’re creative enough take a book idea (or even just a small element from one) and run with it.


Ever watch a movie and feel frustrated with the direction the plot took? Irritated by the main character? Write your own version of your favorite flicks. If nothing else, you’ll have spent some quality writing time experimenting with the plot, dialogue, POV, etc.


Michael Okon is a bestselling author and screenwriter. Monsterland Reanimated, Book Two in the Monsterland series, was just released on April 13, 2018 and promises to be bigger and badder than Book One. Michael invites readers to connect with him on his website


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