The Beast of Rose Valley by J. P. Barnett (Book Review #550)

The beast of rose valley is a horror thriller story about something killing Steve’s Lambs in Rose Valley. His livestock is being killed in a very suspicious way and no matter how hard he and his friend Jake try to enforce more investigation towards the matter, the officials do not follow up on it. Then Shandi, the journalist shows up and changes the dynamic of the situation in a very interesting way.

As a horror story, I believe the story was spot on. It was just as thrilling to figure out who was at play and how the situation was going to end. The storyline had twists that kept changing the dynamic for me, and that made the book thought-provoking.


The pace of the story was suitable for the genre. I believe anyone who enjoys thrillers would find this one intriguing to read. The concept was novel and the characters were well put together.


The small town certainly has been holding on to a lot of secrets. I particularly enjoyed Jakes character. His personality was a delight to read and as I read more, I looked forward to seeing how the mystery was going to reveal itself.


I also look forward to reading more from this author.


Written by Jeyran Main

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