Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by S.M. Stevens (Book Review #693)

Horseshoes and hand grenades is a story about two women who happen to experience abuse. Astrid happens to experience this from work and is severely affected by it. For Shelby things are different. She is scarred from a very young age. This matter influences her in so many ways. Her relationships are most often disrupted, her behavior is not stable, and she often feels sad.

The story takes an interesting turn when both women meet Tina and bond with each other through this matter. Each has their own story and background, yet they all somehow come together, creating a dynamic novel that is enjoyable to read.


When it comes to sensitive matters such as sexual abuse, specifically at a young age, it is imperative that the story displays a truthful notion of emotion, triumph, conflict of behavior and hurt. The author managed to describe all of this within the story, and that made it very special.


The literature was sensitive and written with care. What mattered was the expression for each character and the storyline that took three directions and came together by the end. I would recommend this story to people who have been through a similar experience or like to read about a woman and their strength to overcome hardship.


Written by Jeyran Main

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