A Little Chat with N J M Hemfrey


What are your published works?

I self-published my first book, “Haxfuri”, in February 2020. Haxfuri is a cosmic grimdark horror that doesn’t care about your feelings, and I’ve been firmly assured of this by people who have read it. At 640 pages, it is full of philosophical punch and merciless action. The story explores how moral agendas can justify any viewpoint, and how moral agendas can be created out of anything, no matter how dreadful and atrocious the principles.

My second book, “My Fatal Futility Shellshock” came out in April 2021. The book is like Tenet meets Altered Carbon with the philosophical cladding of The Last Samurai. Set in a neo-Japanese inspired future, this story is the first in a cyberpunk trilogy, and is full of razor-sharp time travel twists.

My Fatal Futility has more levity than Haxfuri and explores Buddhist/bushido principles, inspired by samurai culture. I was interested in incorporating these ideas into a cyberpunk world to steer away from common representations of cyberpunk as grim, pollution-filled, and lawless realms. I thought it would be different to present a world that did care about the natural environment, that cared about respect and responsibility, and wouldn’t actually be a bad place to live.

What is your writing process?

When I first visualise the concept for a story, I see a particular scene in my head. From there, I start thinking about what morals, ideologies, and emotions that scene could be exploring. My writing is very descriptive and that’s because I do picture things in terms of “camera angles” and “lighting” so to speak. I find that stories are quite organic full of discovery. The limits of the world and the genuine behaviour of characters often tend to hijack the story, and I absolutely love this. 

How do you keep motivation?

Progress happens bit by bit. Success comes slowly and steadily, and fan bases take a while to build. It’s important to remind yourself of who does support you, of who you can count on. It’s critical to remind yourself of who you’re writing is for and who it isn’t for. It’s crucial to remind yourself that you’re not here to please everyone, you’re writing for fans that enjoy the genres you do. So, you have to keep going, no matter what. Quite simply, those who stop never make it and those who make it never stop.

Author Bio:

N J M Hemfrey is a self-published author and lives in Scotland with his fiancé who, in his mind, is the best individual to spend existence with, whether in lockdown, the apocalypse, or when doing more normal things like the cinema, or wandering around old castles. He is also an utter movie, book, video game and comic enthusiast, especially for the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. One of his greatest frustrations is that there is not enough time in the universe to ever finish the lists of things he wants to do.

N J M Hemfrey’s Website: https://njmhemfrey.com/

N J M Hemfrey’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloud_neil

N J M Hemfrey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/works_of_veil_and_void/?hl=en

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