God Games by James A. Scott (Book Review #1061)

God Games is a science fiction story set 3000 years after a Holy Nuclear Civil War that has almost destroyed a place called Heaven. The place has science and technology devoted to it and set aside religion altogether. It is governed by a few rules and enjoys unlimited clean energy, amongst other things.

I enjoyed the insightful touches and views of the story and how it took on religious views and the concept of scientific principles. This is apparent through the dialogues and thoughts of the characters. The back and forth between Lucifer and Yahweh were enticing.

Yahweh believed that science, along with the Loving Free Will Gene—a by-product of the Holy Nuclear Civil War that was believed to predispose humans to make more benevolent decisions—had given Heaven peace and prosperity. But Lucifer, the evangelical leader of a resurgent religious movement, believed that only Korbibtor, his god, lord, and saviour, was responsible for Heaven’s good fortune and that the Loving Free Will Gene is just a fallacy— “something whipped up in the lab.”

Their quarrel is what shapes up the story, and the accidental discovery pretty much changes everything for them.

The literature was written well, and the good versus evil concept made the book enjoyable to read. I recommend this book to sci-fi fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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