Roswell, area 51, & God by Richard M. Evans (Book Review #1170)


Roswell, area 51, & God is a non-fiction book and discusses the 1947 UFO crash near the base at Roswell, New Mexico, and other UFOs in other locations like Washington. It is filled with military history and biography. The author goes into details regarding B-25 bombardiers in World War 2, the Italian Campaign, the Army Air Corps, the Air Force, the Strategic Air Command, navigators and radar navigators on B-29s, B-50s, B-36s and B-52s, standoff missiles, nuclear bombs, and bombers, Atlas ICBM missiles, the Cold War, intelligence operations in the CIC and CIA and from the UK and our other Allies, and military mysteries in general.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I particularly enjoyed where the author discussed his personal side, about his father being the sole survivor of a B-25 crash. From this aspect, I could see the possible reasons behind writing the book.

The literature was very informative. I admit I knew nothing about the content, and so everything for me was educational, and my eyebrows would rise from reading some of the revelations embarked on in the book. The book is enjoyable to read.

I recommend this book to non-fiction readers, history lovers, and UFO fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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