The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1171)


The trouble with belonging is a coming of age romance fiction story about Chen Kehuan, a Taiwanese boy who has lost his mother to cancer and lives with his diplomat father, Chen Liang. He struggles to live in Berlin, and just when he tries to get settled, Chen Xiao, a Canadian-Taiwanese businessman, offers Chen Liang a job, making them move again.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The sense of being uprooted all the time and struggling to belong is apparent for Chen Kehuan. Things should technically be a little better when they move to Poland, but Kehuan has to deal with his maternal family and other engaging, dynamic events.

Once Kehuan meets Niki, a girl he meets on the streets, things change. It’s like they were both meant to meet, both needing different things and yearning for what the other can offer. This made the union to be a delightful addition to the story.

The story discusses family issues, mental illness, PTSD, depression, and alcohol addiction. The premise is written well, and the story is an evocative tale with young love. The story represents so many aspects of the younger generation’s minds and developing hormones.

I recommend this book to contemporary fiction readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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