Clochán by Lawrence P. O’Brien (Book Review #1180)


Clochán is a historical fiction set in the late eighteenth century. Kevin Neal is six years old and has been through a great deal witnessing the loss of his family by English soldiers in 1798. As he runs away while he sees his family get murdered, he finds shelter and is adopted by a Walsh family, but things don’t end there either.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kevin’s life is constantly on the move, and as we watch him grow into a man, he encounters everything that comes with coming of age and more. The vicious attacks and murders in his community intrigue him to find answers, and with that, he also finds himself.

The author describes living poor and the struggles of a young child in a very intriguing way. I enjoyed reading about the Irish rebellion and the troubles of the Púca. The story was enjoyable and unique to read. The pace was steady, and the characters meshed well with Kevin.

I recommend this book to historical fiction fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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