A Most Unusual Friday Knight by Alan Frost (Book Review #1185)


A most unusual Friday knight is the first book of the ‘Shawn from the shed’ series. It is a time travel science fiction story beginning with Johnny, an eleven-year-old, and his sister, Ella. They live in an orphanage owned by Regina.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Their life isn’t easy, and their days are filled with chores and homework. Between everything they have to do, the only hour or two they have is spent to themselves. On the other hand, Shawn, Regina’s brother, is forced to live in a shed with no human contact. Johnny and Ella follow a flashing light one night and find Shawn in a shed and a portal he has created. All three enter the portal and begin wondering in England year 1100.

This is a wonderful children’s book, and I found it very enjoyable to read. The literature is suitable for the age group it is written for. Since this is book one, there was plenty of foundation, action, and adventure, keeping the reader wanting more. The backstory was sufficient and provided enough content for future books.

I recommend this book to time travel fans who enjoy humor and kid’s literature.

Written by Jeyran Main

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