The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)


The truth now is a psychological fiction written about Sid Green. The action-adventure is set in New Hampshire State Correctional Facility, where Sid faces a murder charge. After 19 years of jail time, he is free and begins to re-live or build something back. However, he is mentally struggling with the voices he hears.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was interesting to read how Sid navigated his way through the people he met and his actions with the mental instability he had. What I found most interesting about this book was how the author described a human’s life, its conflicts and thoughts so well.

The story is written well, and the literature has a steady flow. The content keeps you intrigued and makes you want to read along. The book does contain sensitive content. It was easy to feel for Sid, having no family, no friends and almost no money. Many things are thrown in his way as he travels, and each encounter is another stepping stone for him to handle.

I recommend this book to fiction readers and those who appreciate stories with mental illness.

Written by Jeyran Main

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