Gateworlds Earth by Gillbert Troll (Book Review #1192)


Gateworlds earth is book one of the Athanator series. It is a classic humorous fantasy story set on a multiverse Earth. An ancient portal is found in the jungles of Guatemala, causing quite a stir. With the Gate opened, every sentient creature on Earth is soul-joined with another creature within the multiverse.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As you can imagine, such a connection and merge truly takes the logic of out things but also you get to see how the connection is based on various means such as minds, bodies, and souls.

John Athanator, the protagonist, has his soul-merged with an obsidian elf named Xhiat. This indeed took some understanding and added so much intrigue to the story. The plot takes another leap when John is walking in a park minding his own business, is given a mission by a talking tree to retrieve a stolen rune crystal from the Multiverse Gate Earth. If the crystal is not recovered, Earth itself will be in dire danger.

If you are into fantasy stories and up for a laugh, you will enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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