Granny Oldham Had The Power To “Knit” Galaxies Into Existence! by Val Jon Farris


I remember spending summer vacations with her as a boy. Granny Oldham would sit for hours in her rocking chair with two large knitting needles creating all sorts of things for her grandkids. To my amazement, I would watch her knit into existence beautiful multi-colored blankets, scarves, and socks. And to her chagrin, in moments of boyish curiosity, I would occasionally pull on one of the loose yarn threads to see what would happen. But my grandmother had infinite patience. Calmly collecting up the pile of yarn, she would smile gently, call me a “little devil,” and simply knit the sock all over again.

Why I’m sharing this endearing story with you is because the physical nature of Granny’s knitted sock is much like our physical nature, (a parallel that leads to deeper correlations between the inner and outer worlds, which I love to explore). For example, pull on our “string of survival” a little too hard and we unravel into the lap of death, and all cohesion of our physical presence is lost. Another interesting correlation is that if you look closely at the knitted sock, the weave of the yarn looks very much like the energy waves that make up our physical universe. The patterns closely mirror how everything from subatomic particles to galaxies are “knitted” into existence. This similarity also leads to an intriguing question . . . when the sock unraveled into my grandmother’s lap, where did its essence go? And how was she able to recreate it so easily?

The answer is that the essence of the sock, and the power to recreate it anew, resided inside my grandmother. Not only did the new sock look exactly like the one I unraveled, it was the same sock at an essence level. It was the same yarn and the same energy arising from within her that created it and then recreated it. The gift my Grandmother gave me was that she, and I, and all of us, possess the power to re-knit and recreate anything and everything that “unravels” in our lives. And when Granny finally unraveled and died at the age of ninety-three, just like the pair of socks she knitted for me, (which I still have), her loving essence continued on and always will, right here in this little boy’s devilish heart. ~

Val Jon Farris is an award-winning author and leadership consultant to Fortune 100 companies around the world. For over thirty years he has championed large-scale workforce transformations as well as delivered keynote addresses and personal growth programs to over forty thousand people globally. Val Jon is well-known for his warm anecdotal style and deep insight into the nature of the human psyche and its higher faculties of self-awareness and consciousness. His second book, Travelers Within: Journeys Into Being Human And Beyond is now available on
He can also be reached at: and by email at

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