There’s a Dead Girl In My Yard by Angela Page and Mia Altieri (Book Review #1198) 


There’s a dead girl in my yard is a comedy crime story inspired by actual events. Poppy is a struggling actress, and her life changes when she witnesses an urn being buried. She gets involved with Dalia, a dead girl who used to be a Latina health guru.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dalia has a lot of visitors and fans. Her fan club overwhelms Poppy, and so she begins to be like her to understand Dalia’s former life as a healer and thief, and mourner manages Dalia’s burial site.

I liked the story because the characters were slowly introduced, and the concept was humorous. Their personalities weren’t one-dimensional or predictable. This created an interesting dynamic of a story and kept you guessing.

It was interesting to see how Dalia preferred to wear the clothes of a dead person just to bring luck for herself and life. This displayed the struggles actors face when trying to be noticed.

The comical story is thought-provoking and enjoyable to read. I recommend this book to murder mystery story readers and those who like entertaining reads.

Written by Jeyran Main

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