Fishing for More: A Memoir by Brett Bloemendaal (Book Review #1200)


Fishing for more is a non-fiction memoir about Brett and how he begins to reshape his life after losing his grandfather. As Brett’s psychical state deteriorates, he re-lives the lasting memories with his father and how much he loved their fishing trips. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Brett buys a boat and begins reacquainting himself with fishing and what owning a boat entails. He enjoys his moments with his dad so much that the thought comes into his mind, what if he did this for a living?

The literature is written with such emotion and delightful added humor that it is hard to think of anything else but continue reading. The narration is honest and is filled with descriptive notions of Brett’s thoughts. I appreciated how much love he had for his father and the value Brett understood the time left with him represented.

It isn’t easy to make a memoir this enjoyable to read. I recommend this book to those who love a good father-son story and the fishing and outdoor enthusiastic.

Written by Jeyran Main

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3 Comments on “Fishing for More: A Memoir by Brett Bloemendaal (Book Review #1200)

  1. A smart theme for a memoir, and a clever title. I trust the author will be extra grateful for getting the moniker of being the 1200th review.

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