The Depth of Vision: Screw up Poverty with this Vision by Mohsen Estesnaei (Book Review #1215)


The depth of vision is a nonfiction motivational book written by Estesnaei, providing a different perspective on poverty. It all begins when Estesnaei records his conversations with a teenage boy named Amir while working on his thesis.

The boy’s demeanor provokes the author’s mind and spirit in believing and understanding more than just the surface. He sees wealth instead of poverty in the situation.

The literature is written well, and although the book is pretty short, you get to think about it once you are done. I appreciated the concern, and the underlying message was provided.

It is right; we do view a dire situation as concerning and consider it as poverty; however, once we change the way we view life, we can also change the way we understand it.

I recommend this book to nonfiction readers and those who enjoy short reads.

Written by Jeyran Main

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