Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)


Self Studies is book one of the ‘Thorns of Charbon Institute” series. The story begins with Aphrodite, an 18-year-old girl who possesses magical power inside her. She is dominated by her master, who also appears to be after his own agenda, but when he is killed, Aphrodite has to now begin to make her own decision and live her own life.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Magical Authorities kill Aphrodite’s master. She is sent to the Charbon Institute, where she and other young mages can educate themselves. Her new world is overwhelming, and she refugees into the arms of another useless person, Beryl, but at least finds some control over her life.

In this story, you can easily see how someone who has been abused all her life struggles to find peace, not within herself but also to live in an environment that constantly wants to use her.

The story is suitable for the younger generation, and since it is a sequel, there is enough background story to carry it forward. It was nice for Aphrodite to find herself slowly. The book is fast-paced and does contain sexual scenes.

I recommend this book to those who like to read paranormal romance.

Written by Jeyran Main

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