The Making of “The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning” by Jacob Isom


While this project took years to complete, normally a writer would not dare spend that amount of time, resources, and money to bring an idea to fruition. But this project is not like any other piece of creative work that I have produced. It took a decade between my first and second book. It had nothing to do with writer’s block because I write when I get the urge, it is never forced.

Amid figuring out the direction for my next project, I had to dig deep. As an artist, I only want to produce work that is beneficial to people’s lives. I started to soul search and realized that everything I did professionally and personally was based on relationships. And whether positive or negative they (being relationships) were so crucial to my happiness and success.

In 2015, I set out on my journey to research, I observed others’ relationships and how they moved in them, I did interviews, and I reflected on my own experiences. And then I got married and had my second child. I completed my second bachelor’s degree and obtained a master’s as well. To my dismay, I had to put my project on hold. As life was hitting me, I was unintentionally gathering more and more life experiences to use as fodder for my book.

Once I got settled, regained my focus, finished writing the book and started editing it, Covid hit. For the second time, I was forced to sit down and reexamine things. Only this time, I kept going, continually inputting my experiences and observations into my work. While this project is long overdue, it is a culmination of triumph, perseverance, ingenuity, and a thought-out process. I want to thank all that have read this article, will read this project, and are interested in relational change.

Written by Jacob Isom

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Author Bio: 

Jacob Isom, M.Ed, is currently an 8th-grade social studies teacher, mentor, and coach. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation. His consulting firm, RCD Consulting, which stands for Relationships, Curriculum, and Diversity focuses on the implementation of conflict resolution, trauma-informed practices, and social-emotional learning as well as diverse instructional practices that meet the needs of all students. Mr. Isom has worked with children from 5-16 in various roles. This is his second self-help book in which he focuses on social issues and our relationships amongst them.    

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