The Secret Resort of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver (Book Review #1278)


The secret resort of Nostalgia is a mystery romance and begins with Mike Denning accepting the perfect job. He is in charge of documenting details on an island resort in Nostalgia.

The initial reaction is exciting as it’s an island with modern-day economic sustainability, and it is environmentally friendly; however, Mike soon notices that there is something suspicious. The people have no living relatives. The island is kept 30 min ahead of the mainland, and there are guards in a town when there is no crime.

The author does a good job of keeping the suspense going throughout the book. The story is written well. Why was Mike even chosen for this job was my initial question. The story does keep getting better and better, and while you are intrigued mostly with the mystery behind the resort, you do also get to see more than just the plot initial main plot.

I recommend this book to mystery readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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