And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)


And time stopped is a young adult story filled with many swords, sorcery, and fantasy material. This is a book in a series, and I would recommend you start reading the series from the beginning. Even though the prologue covers pretty much what you have missed, I still feel that you would enjoy the book even more if you had the full set.

Chase and Alyx can jump dimensions, and in one of their jumps to dimension nine, they realise that the world’s existence is to stop. This changes the game for them, and so you not only get to be part of a wonderfully told story, but you also get to see how Chase and Alyx navigate the challenges.

What I predominantly enjoyed about this book was how it brought up issues that are seriously neglected in a teenager’s life. Parental neglect, depression and bullying are just a few issues that were embodied in the premise.

I recommend this book to fantasy fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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