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Is it Safe? by Deborah Jean Miller

  Is it Safe? by Deborah Jean Miller   Who will read my book? What if I’m the laughingstock of the entire Midwest? “Local author goes viral for writing the worst book ever written!” said the evening news anchor. Really, Deb? Get over yourself.… Continue Reading “Is it Safe? by Deborah Jean Miller”

Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel

Editing vs self-editing by Dennis Scheel Editing is a big concern for writers, especially fresh the ones trying their first story. After finishing their story, the idea comes to if you should self-edit or get an editor. There are things such as Grammarly which… Continue Reading “Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel”

Reading As a Writer by Whitney Rines

Reading As a Writer by Whitney Rines I write as both a hobby and profession and know from personal experience that it can easily take up a lot of time, energy, and among other things-thinking space. While a great activity in itself, it’s easy… Continue Reading “Reading As a Writer by Whitney Rines”

Vincent Van Gogh – The Ambiguity of Insanity

An abrasive itinerary of the presence of women, the landscape and obsession. Such are the internal paradigms that went through the compelling life of the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

Giuseppe Cafiero – Author Interview

Giuseppe Cafiero – Author Interview   How did you first become interested in the life of Vincent van Gogh? When for the first time I read the correspondence between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo. A splendid correspondence in which the affections of… Continue Reading “Giuseppe Cafiero – Author Interview”

The Killer in Me by Keith Julius

The Killer in Me by Keith Julius           I love to kill people. Now that I have your attention, allow me to add some information to the previous disclaimer.  Within the pages of the stories I write, I love to kill people.  It’s a… Continue Reading “The Killer in Me by Keith Julius”

The Inner Monster Every Author Must Break in the Book Writing Process by Jonas Salzgeber

The Inner Monster Every Author Must Break in the Book Writing Process by Jonas Salzgeber   Looking back, I see this guy sitting in front of his old laptop, the face hidden in his sweaty palms, desperately seeking strength to break his inner monster. He… Continue Reading “The Inner Monster Every Author Must Break in the Book Writing Process by Jonas Salzgeber”

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel             Being Politically Correct started in America when it came to the racial question, but after the changes in the last two decades, all of the world, especially in Europe followed suit, insisted on being politically correct, no longer… Continue Reading “Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel”

Killed By Happy Endings by Heinrich von Wolfcastle

Killed By Happy Endings by Heinrich von Wolfcastle When it comes to creative writing in the classroom, teachers often charge their students to defend the creation of their work. “Why should this exist?” they ask. It’s a difficult question to answer, because, frankly, why should… Continue Reading “Killed By Happy Endings by Heinrich von Wolfcastle”