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Dialogue. by Keith Julius

        Dialogue. by Keith Julius          It’s such an important part of writing a novel.  And yet many people, particularly beginning authors, struggle with it.

I of the Hurricane: Eating Up a Storm by Sema Gurun and Stephanie Rugoff

Kali developed I of the Hurricane over the course of years.  She based it on her beloved dog Hurricane and their experiences living in Southern California.  She kept an ongoing journal of the daily adventures of her pets, especially her most imaginative one, Hurricane. She included… Continue Reading “I of the Hurricane: Eating Up a Storm by Sema Gurun and Stephanie Rugoff”

INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel

INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel “Don’t annoy the Author, he/ she can put you in their book and kill you off.”– A phrase often used by the author posters or mugs. This phrase got me thinking intensely about the ways writers as myself included get inspired… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel”

The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger –by boringbug

The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger – by boringbug As I sit in a cafeteria and mesmerize at my newly developed love for French Press, I cannot help but ponder over a youngster’s plea seeking his way towards the world of blogging. A conversation… Continue Reading “The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger –by boringbug”

Keith Julius- In His Own Words

Keith Julius – In His Own Words         I discovered John Steinbeck in 1972, when I was 16 years old.  I had to read a book as an English assignment, and though I enjoyed reading – and even then had aspirations of… Continue Reading “Keith Julius- In His Own Words”

Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel

Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel   There are many forms a story can be told; a book, a game, tv series or even a movie. All of these which has their own style of telling and possible benefits and downsides. And those that were… Continue Reading “Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel”

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman “I’m done with all of it,” I thought aloud to our empty house in the fall of 2010. My wife and our two girls had gone shopping, and I was on a day off from my job… Continue Reading “Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman”

Well, Automate Ma’ Ride by Rod, A. Walters

Well, Automate Ma’ Ride by Rod, A. Walters   During the holy-grail days of automobiles around 1900, well before self-driving cars, Willie K. Vanderbilt II vroomed around New England in his expensive, souped-up car. Back then, all autos were expensive and souped-up. This rich… Continue Reading “Well, Automate Ma’ Ride by Rod, A. Walters”

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob Finding your focus when writing a novel can be tricky but it’s essential. I’ve read some self-published books with great story ideas and beautiful writing, but the focus wasn’t there, and that made it a chore to keep… Continue Reading “3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob”