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Three Paradoxes Solved by Writing Novels by Freda Hansburg

Three Paradoxes Solved by Writing Novels by Freda Hansburg Shrink Rapt was my first novel-writing effort, self-published before its new release in a revised edition, courtesy of Micro Publishing Media.  Completing it took eight years, my most arduous and gratifying accomplishment.  As a psychologist,… Continue Reading “Three Paradoxes Solved by Writing Novels by Freda Hansburg”

Productivity for Creatives A. N. Sage

We live in an era where creativity is glamorized and out on a pedestal. Scrolling through social media, I find myself constantly bombarded with ads and false messaging all encouraging people to take on a creative career to free themselves of the shackles of… Continue Reading “Productivity for Creatives A. N. Sage”

Ten Revision Bugaboos by Mary Lawrence

Ten Revision Bugaboos by Mary Lawrence An author works months on a manuscript and the satisfaction from typing that final period is certainly worth a celebration. However, the sense of relief and joy is short-lived for me. I’ve written five books in my Bianca… Continue Reading “Ten Revision Bugaboos by Mary Lawrence”

COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller

COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller “Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street,” commands author Jordan B. Peterson. So yesterday wouldn’t you know, walking along and minding my own bid’ness, here comes a fuzzy gray feline, trotting deliberately my direction, meowing and… Continue Reading “COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller”

Making Lemonade out of your Lemons by Jonathan Floyd

Making Lemonade out of your Lemons by Jonathan Floyd We all have frustrations in life. As a teacher and school counselor, I encountered many frustrations in the course of my career. Over the years, I watched SAT scores decline. I saw students making atrocious… Continue Reading “Making Lemonade out of your Lemons by Jonathan Floyd”

Author Interview – Ivan Brave

What’s your favorite thing you have written? If we’re talking about favorite because it gives me chills, then there are passages from my latest book that I keep turning to. If we’re talking about favorite because it’s resulted in my favorite life changes, then… Continue Reading “Author Interview – Ivan Brave”

Please Return Toby Solano’s Musical Playlist

Please Return Toby Solano’s Musical Playlist (When You’re Done With It) One of my favorite things  I unintentionally learned about the joys of writing a book series versus a stand-alone novel is you get a chance to really live with your characters. In the… Continue Reading “Please Return Toby Solano’s Musical Playlist”

Writing is an Iterative Process by 100 Lick

Writing is an Iterative Process by 100 Lick Many of us want to write a book. Many only wish to complete a story they are writing. And yet, only some do. Some of us would like writing to be our full-time job, but many… Continue Reading “Writing is an Iterative Process by 100 Lick”

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