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Thinking Outside the Box by Rob Samborn

This article was featured in the magazine. To say authors are inundated with book marketing & publicity avenues is an understatement. As a debut novelist, I was thrown into the maelstrom head-first. From building a website to social media to advance reviews to press… Continue Reading “Thinking Outside the Box by Rob Samborn”

Your words your world

I would like to thank Jeyran Main for being part of Your Words Your World blog tour and many thanks to Serena at Poetic Book Tours for organizing such a great one. What an amazing opportunity! For anyone who has read my first poetry… Continue Reading “Your words your world”

Winter at a Summer House

A Debut Author’s Book Launch Musings Mary Beth Hines I recently received my author’s copies of Winter at a Summer House, my debut poetry collection. Seeing the books stacked in the box, pulling that first one out and running a finger over the cover—beautiful… Continue Reading “Winter at a Summer House”

Getting started – the newbie authors guide to living the dream! by Craig Deegan

Every author had to start somewhere. They all had to sit down and jotted down their opening sentence. No doubt with shaking hands and riddled with fear, but they did it anyway. And guess what?   They’re people, just like us.  They’re no different.  They… Continue Reading “Getting started – the newbie authors guide to living the dream! by Craig Deegan”

The Necessity of a Winter Solstice in the life of a Writer by Boshra Rasti Ghalati

It was during what must have been the tenth time playing Uno ( in the middle of another COVID lockdown) with my nine-year-old daughter, that my mother called. If you are familiar with Persian mothers you’ll know that my first thoughts — even as… Continue Reading “The Necessity of a Winter Solstice in the life of a Writer by Boshra Rasti Ghalati”

We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel

During our writing escapades, we often encounter criticism from friends, and even worse, from reviewers. That criticism can encapsulate everything from a scene to characters to our writing style itself. You may encounter some bitter individuals who just want to attack your work for… Continue Reading “We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel”

Don’t Touch That! by James Scott

As I said in earlier posts, believability is one of the three most important things for successful SciFi writing.  You got to think that what the person is doing in the story is something you might do in the same situation.   Or better still,… Continue Reading “Don’t Touch That! by James Scott”

A Novelist & Poet by Anne Leigh Parrish

I wrote novels, then poetry, late in my career. Up to then, my focus was on short stories. I produced one after another for about nine years until finally, one found a home. It took another seven or eight years before I was regularly… Continue Reading “A Novelist & Poet by Anne Leigh Parrish”

Thoughts on Teaching Fiction Online by Michael Backus

Teaching fiction writing online works surprisingly well as a whole, I’ve taught close to 150 classes in the past 18 years for Gotham Writer’s Workshop and Zoetrope Magazine and most of those have been online in the past 10 years.