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Once upon an empty page by Konstantina P.

You are sitting on the porch on a breezy summer evening, cooling down from the heat wave. An idea pops into your head, and you scramble over a heap of lazy limbs and sleepy pets to write it down.

The Making of “The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning” by Jacob Isom

While this project took years to complete, normally a writer would not dare spend that amount of time, resources, and money to bring an idea to fruition. But this project is not like any other piece of creative work that I have produced. It… Continue Reading “The Making of “The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning” by Jacob Isom”

Writing Memoir Became My Heroine Journey by Maria Warner

Like a typical heroine, what I thought I wanted and what I needed to expose themselves in the process of writing. When I became an empty nester, I knew that I needed something to fulfil my life. Sitting on my meditation mat one morning… Continue Reading “Writing Memoir Became My Heroine Journey by Maria Warner”

WRITE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD. Seriously. by Gillespie Lamb

What is a “serious” novel? Some writers need to know so they can be seen doing “serious” work. My advice: Don’t think in such terms. Tell a story honestly and well and the coveted “serious” appellation may well find its way to your book.

Interview with Lynette Bacon-Nguyen

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I didn’t realize I wanted to be a writer, I just started writing things. I have a heavy background in roleplaying games both tabletop and text base, and I consumed a ton of media… Continue Reading “Interview with Lynette Bacon-Nguyen”

Two Memories Are Better Than One: The unique experience of writing a memoir with my husband

In our book The Backpack Years, my husband James and I wrote two parallel, intertwining memoirs. After hearing about our project, many people jokingly ask if we are still married. Yes, we are still married, and it was an amazing experience. The process of… Continue Reading “Two Memories Are Better Than One: The unique experience of writing a memoir with my husband”

My Book by Sherri Moshman-Paganos

In Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change, I wanted to paint a picture of New York City back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, a time still so engraved in my memory. Against the backdrop of Manhattan, a young… Continue Reading “My Book by Sherri Moshman-Paganos”

Go Deep By Cathryn Vogeley

“I can’t publish a book. I’m not a real writer,” I said to my peers when they pushed me to publish. I discovered a passion for writing after retiring from four decades of nursing. Classes for beginners such as Bones of Storytelling with details… Continue Reading “Go Deep By Cathryn Vogeley”

I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci

All art forms are for two: the audience, and the artist. As the artist, one seeks to create something that will move the audience, teach them, humor them, or simply make them think about a topic in a new way. At the same time… Continue Reading “I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci”