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Mainely Power by Matt Cost (Book Review #919)

Mainely power is a fun and entertaining story about Langdon, a private detective who has to find out the truth about the cover-up at the nuclear power plant. Harold Dumphy’s murder triggers this, and that’s when the mystery story begins. Harold’s wife hires Langdon… Continue Reading “Mainely Power by Matt Cost (Book Review #919)”

Angela Ruiz

Where Silence Ends is a nonfiction memoir written by Mexican-American, mother-daughter duo and touches on generational sexual trauma and healing. I, Angela Ruiz, am the daughter, and my mother is Mary Ruiz. The story is written in 1st person and 3rd person, putting the… Continue Reading “Angela Ruiz”

Printable Magic by Kathy Martone

What lies behind the eyes shines with an unearthly gleam and sparkle, a treasure chest of magic if you will.  Gathering the letters, words, and images hidden deep within the soul’s retinal landscape becomes an act of worship, kneeling before the altar of inspiration.

Inspirational characters by Dennis Scheel

When constructing a story, the characters must be well-thought-out and intriguing for the reader. All characters, whether the antagonist, protagonist, or even side characters, are equally essential, and none of them should be empty shells. A character arc can help on this, as they… Continue Reading “Inspirational characters by Dennis Scheel”

‘How the Timing of the Writing Process is Essential’ by A. R. Lerwill

The process of creating War for Humanity has been a journey that started in my childhood. As a boy, I had a healthy obsession with reading and cinema, along with an overly active imagination and joy for playing action-adventure games around the family garden. During… Continue Reading “‘How the Timing of the Writing Process is Essential’ by A. R. Lerwill”

Writing Even When You Don’t Think You Can By Kristin Durfee

Writing a novel can sometimes it can feel like being in one of those old cartoons where the character makes this herculean effort to get to the top of a mountain…only to see thousands of other mountains along the horizon.

Why write a character like Naiche? by Felicia Watson

If I had to pick the one question that I’ve been asked the most often about my Lovelace series, it’s that one. With the third book in the series dropping this month, I’m finally going to try and answer it. Why did I choose… Continue Reading “Why write a character like Naiche? by Felicia Watson”

Mojgan Azar

Have you ever felt too accustomed to something because you’ve thought about it too much? Like being alone at home with no one around, deep in thought, suddenly aware that the causes of your stress, hurt, and sadness clouding your mind as a headache… Continue Reading “Mojgan Azar”

Interview With Kathy Davis

What’s your favorite thing you have written? Probably the poem that closes Passiflora, “Girls, She Falcons, Be Thin: Let Us Work Ourselves Asleep Against You,” because the hawk’s rise at the end feels so hopeful. Also, the title comes from a book of poetry… Continue Reading “Interview With Kathy Davis”