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How to Write The Best Book Review

Hello, Book Lovers! Authors pour their heart, time, and effort into writing their book. They then spend hours searching and speaking to many publishers to find the best possible way to distribute their work without giving all of the profit to the publisher. Sometimes… Continue Reading “How to Write The Best Book Review”

The real reason why you fall in love by Jeyran Main

The real reason why you fall in love by Jeyran Main   Do you love your partner? The answer is most likely, yes. My response in return is, prove it.

Celebrating 3000 Followers!

What an adventure It’s been since I first began this blog! It’s such a privilege to connect with authors and publishers, through this platform. I have received an overwhelming amount of support by you lovely followers and wanted to just let you guys know… Continue Reading “Celebrating 3000 Followers!”

Boundaries Set in a Relationship by Jeyran Main

Boundaries Set in a Relationship by Jeyran Main In this article, I wish to discuss the matter of needing to please everyone in your life. No, is a Complete Sentence- Shonda Rhimes   It is hard to say no when a loved one asks… Continue Reading “Boundaries Set in a Relationship by Jeyran Main”

My Book Group

  Hello, My Dear Followers, I wanted to let you all know about this wonderful group I have on facebook. I have included a link below. It’s a great way to promote your book if you are an author and allows you to meet… Continue Reading “My Book Group”

How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main

How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main   There are fundamental steps in order to write a book. Many authors work differently but based on the many books I have read and reviews, I have written, I believe the following is the best… Continue Reading “How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main”

Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main

Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main   John Yeoman has some very interesting opinions on creating that impression when it comes to building characters. The first question that may come to mind is, if your character may, in fact, need to be memorable?… Continue Reading “Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main”

Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main

Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main   Some of the best tips on writing and ways of becoming a recognized author have been widely discussed in the past. Writing may come very easy to some and hard to… Continue Reading “Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main”

Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main

Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main   Free Flow Writing is a technique used when a person writes continuously without dedicating any time towards checking if the work has any spelling, grammar, or other mistakes. A complete disregard of the rules takes place to… Continue Reading “Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main”