Category: Psychology & Well Being

How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)

How’s your family, is a self-help book discussing the value of family and how it creates a harmonic life. The book is divided into four sections. It begins with the author’s story and then follows through with some secrets broadening the knowledge about family… Continue Reading “How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)”

How to Heal by Jessi Beyer (Book Review #717)

How to heal is a self-help book mentioning nine therapy methods assisting the reader in letting go of their life drama and finding peace within.

Learn to Love by Thomas Jordan (Book Review #716)

Learn to love is a self – help book written about how the way we are loved as a child and the environment we grow up in affects the subconscious mind and teaches us to show affection to others. It explains the reasons why… Continue Reading “Learn to Love by Thomas Jordan (Book Review #716)”

Restore her by Cheryl Lacey Donovan (Book Review #708)

Restore her is a 7-step healing process designed to renew yourself from what you deem to be a not-so-happy life. The author attempts to restore the reader’s identity, relationship, wealth and fight self-doubt.   The book begins with the author explaining a little about… Continue Reading “Restore her by Cheryl Lacey Donovan (Book Review #708)”

Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)

Happy to meet me is a journal made to provide an endless life of self-exploration. Its goal is to make the writer feel a shift in their thoughts, feelings and life. It contains deliberately placed prompts to stimulate deep insights and asks you to… Continue Reading “Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)”

Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow by Jeremy P. Boggess (Book Review #688)

Taking action for a better tomorrow is a book written from a common man seeking to assist the human race is surviving and advancing society, humanity and the world. His view is an observational one and begins with him expressing the change that has… Continue Reading “Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow by Jeremy P. Boggess (Book Review #688)”

Just get up by Isaac Miller (Book Review #674)

Just get up is a self-help book written by Issac Miller, who was abandoned from childhood and began a harsh life living in an environment that had drugs, crime and poverty.

FORGET NORMS – “A Provocative Reasoning” by Neville Diony (Book Review #698)

Forget norms is a self-help book about personal growth and creating new thoughts. The work also touches on social, environmental issues such as being a good Samaritan and assisting citizens in need. The effects of being a people’s pleaser and the ways humans react… Continue Reading “FORGET NORMS – “A Provocative Reasoning” by Neville Diony (Book Review #698)”

What goes down- the end of an eating disorder by Callie Bowld (Book Review #697)

What goes down is a self-help nutrition and story style natured book written about a woman who’s been struggling with bring eating, bulimia and other forms of eating disorders. She describes her struggles with food from the beginning.