Black and White by Nick Wilford (Book Review #288)

Black and white is the first book of its Trilogy. The story focuses on how one should stand for what they believe in, instead of following what others do. The story is set in a perfect world called Whitopolis. This place is where the dreams are made of. There is no dirt, no death, no illness, and everything just works as smoothly as one could imagine. In a world where everyone lives a long life of happiness, where nothing goes wrong, a []

No Way Back – The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #285)

No way back is a science fiction fantasy novel written about Daniel and Denida. As they experiment creating an ancient gate, Daniel passes through the gate. Denida realizes that his son has now disappeared, he follows through in order to save him from whatever there may be, on the other side. What they both realize is that they have traveled into another world and that it is just the beginning of many other discoveries. As they try to exit the world, thinking []

Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)

Evolution is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, fantasy novel written about a world where humans are hiding to survive from a human-made scientific experiment – gone wrong. It all began when Joan Redman found a pod producing plant that created little frogs by using no water and minimal soil. Dr. Moore studied it more in order to use its power for humankind but, instead he secretly injected hormones into the pod making it grow at a faster speed. Dr. Balm then decides to inject []