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“I am a first-time author who just wanted to share my experience about the death of my daughter in a meaningful and personal way that would help other people. Jeyran did a great job treating the subject matter of my book with respect and reverence. My book was written from my personal religious worldview and I wondered how it would resonate with readers of other faiths and she did a great job identifying key principles that would help readers of my book know why it would be meaningful to them even if they were of a different faith and had not gone through the same trials that I had. She does a great job really spreading her review to every social media site. She was quick and professional in all her interactions with me and I would recommend her site to any other looking to get the word out about their book. I will also be recommending her site to any avid reader.”

Bryan Young – Author of “Meant for heaven: A Little Girl’s Journey to Paradise”

“Jumping into a full epic fantasy series from being a small standalone horror author is not an easy transition. There’s a lot more to worry about: more characters, more descriptions, and the creation of a whole new world. That requires feedback, and Jeyran’s readthrough and review of my book provides just that. He points out all the goods and bads, gives readers of taste of what’s inside, and does it all without spoilers. Definitely a great reader. I highly recommend sending him your story.”

Dexter Morgentern – Author of “The Reaping: A Grim Sword & Sorcery Tale”