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“I am very pleased with Jeyran’s review of my book, it was very thorough and touched on the points that showed that Jeryan not only took the time to read it, but to also understand it. He really gets what I am trying to convey, because it will inspire others to read it as well. A review from a non-Indian about my book is always appreciated as it tells me how they perceive India. Thank you very much, Jeyran!”

An Indian – Author of “India Was One”

“Jeyran’s ability to succinctly describe the purpose behind the story while concurrently highlighting its entertaining and educational value to prospective readers is truly commendable. Not everyone comes from areas where tornadoes are a concern, so getting an unbiased and positive review on how well this book presents its message of keeping children safe should a tornado occur is greatly appreciated.”

Heather Beal – Author of “Elephant Wind”