Review Tales Magazine – Winter Edition 01


Review Tales Magazine
Winter Edition 01

A Note from the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Review Tales book magazine celebrating the best literary work. I want to thank everyone who contributed and helped make this happen.

We have come a long way from the traditional methods of publishing, writing, and marketing books. Independent authors genuinely need our help. Although their quality of writing and storytelling may be just as good as the authors who get signed, they still don’t get the same credit, book deal, or recognition.

For this reason, the magazine is for everyone but especially for indie authors, providing them an opportunity allowing them to feel seen and heard.

In this issue, we begin with authors confessing about their journey, writing, publishing, and learning things they would have preferred to know beforehand. We then follow with ten book reviews and three author spotlights presenting outstanding works of literature.

Next, we unveil a list of selected books we think you should read in 2022. As the pandemic continued to be a source of stress, books proved to be the popular choice for relaxing and passing the time. For this reason, there has been a massive growth of sales in printed books, and as more people read books, what better way to provide an insightful source to read, enjoy and learn from. Happy Reading.

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Review Tales Magazine – Publishing – Editing Services

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