Review Tales Magazine – Summer Edition

ISSUE 03 – Featuring:
E T McNamara: Writing for personal satisfaction
Christina Samycia: Becoming the Author of Your Life
Shane Wilson: Emerging from Isolation
A. Carina Spears: Writing Out of Anger
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Fall Edition

ISSUE 04 – Featuring:
Sherri Moshman-Paganos: Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change
Stephen J. Kristof: Feeling Normal Again
Sylvie Beljanski: Winning the War on Cancer
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Spring Edition

ISSUE 02 – Featuring:
A Writing Process that Works: Being a Neurodivergent Author by Zachary Hagen
Lessons Learned from the Bumps, Bruises, and Trials of Publishing by Michael J. Brooks
Whom are You Writing For? by Donald Furrow-Scott
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Winter Edition

ISSUE 01 – Featuring:
What do you do with a drunk-en writ-er’s block? by Rod A. Walters
Of politics and fiction by Steven Day
Finding your audience by Louise Bélanger
Thinking outside the box by Rob Samborn
Creating something meaningful by Brett Atlas
Plus much more…

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