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Under The Orange Blossoms: Writing My Memoir by Cindy Benezra

One day while chatting with friends, the topic of sexual abuse came up and the conversation quickly chilled. I knew at that moment it was time to tell my story of overcoming sexual abuse. The abuse I faced as a child wasn’t a secret,… Continue Reading “Under The Orange Blossoms: Writing My Memoir by Cindy Benezra”

“Breaking into the Book Club” By Antonio Caruso

When I first put my fingers to the keyboard and started writing my first book. I thought to myself, why are you doing this? And do you think all this time and effort will be worth it? “I was doubting myself because I didn’t… Continue Reading ““Breaking into the Book Club” By Antonio Caruso”

My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel

Writing novels is not a short endeavor; at least, I haven’t experienced it to be. For the last five years, I have been working on my books in the Underworlds series, three novels so far, with the fourth and final one currently standing at… Continue Reading “My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel”

To Create by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien

To be a creator, don’t think about it—do it. Diary entries can become a memoir. Doodles and drawings might sketch out base images as a launch point in a scene that demands a larger canvas, which might lead to something more serious more industrious… Continue Reading “To Create by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien”

The Inclusion and Exclusion of COVID in Storytelling by Travis Stecher

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has affected a significant chunk of our history, but for writers, it begs another question: how much of the pandemic should I include in my story? Portraying these years accurately is a justifiable urge, all-too-common for writers. When we… Continue Reading “The Inclusion and Exclusion of COVID in Storytelling by Travis Stecher”

9 Tips for Writing Your Nonfiction Book by Sabbithry Persad 

So you’ve got an idea for a nonfiction book. Where do you begin to write? You’ve heard many people say that writing nonfiction might be easier than writing fiction. But, is it? It could be if you are organized and follow some careful planning.… Continue Reading “9 Tips for Writing Your Nonfiction Book by Sabbithry Persad ”

Don’t Touch That! by James Scott

As I said in earlier posts, believability is one of the three most important things for successful SciFi writing.  You got to think that what the person is doing in the story is something you might do in the same situation.   Or better still,… Continue Reading “Don’t Touch That! by James Scott”

Writing Your Characters by Dennis Scheel

I was talking with a friend about writing and the complexities of character development suddenly hit me.

How our interests develop us as writers by Dennis Scheel

When we first begin our lives, we slowly start to cultivate hobbies and friendships. Most of us first discover the joy in reading through school. As we experience the delights hidden away in the magic of stories, making our imaginations soar. But different people… Continue Reading “How our interests develop us as writers by Dennis Scheel”