“I found Jeyran to be completely honest about her feelings regarding her review of my book. She took a very disciplined approach to highlighting the parts she enjoyed and the parts that she felt could be improved. She also went the extra mile to ask if it would be better to read the first two books of the trilogy before this one since, I requested the review. She was sporting enough to do the review without having read the others. She was very complimentary on the fact that she would have liked to read the first books but found that there was enough in the third to make it unnecessary although maybe a nice thing to do. She was totally professional in her assessment.”

John W. Howell – Author of “Our Justice”

“Jeyran Main is a very intelligent, and hard working well-known book critic and I was very happy she wanted to review my new book about online dating, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed.”
I have never met her but was overly impressed with her observations and insights into this new book. She grasped the theme of it completely.  She uniquely called my book a “Sex in the City” from the male standpoint, and I did find my own “Carrie Bradshaw.”
If you want an excellent, prompt and intelligent review of your book, contact Jeyran and I hope you are as lucky as I was to have her take your book on.”

Bruce Miller – Author of “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed”

“When Jeyran Main of Review Tales reviewed our new book “The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine” we were entirely shocked and very pleasantly surprised. She clearly took her time and carefully delved beneath the cover to uncover the depth of the story.

The review was fair, very deep and grasped the relation between the author’s personal experiences and the far more general history of medical innovators often slaughtered because their new ideas and/ or inventions threatened commonly held notions or shook up “the bottom line” of profits.

Jeyran obviously reads the books she reviews very carefully and totally got the point of our book. She accomplished the same thing in the same way with her review of our other book Erasing Scars: Herpes and Healing.

She ended her review stating: “ I recommend this book to anyone open to new medical discoveries and innovative remedies to healing.”

In summary, if you are an indie author or a major publisher or anyone in between who wants to really know the worth of a book and desires “the real deal” in a true and honest book review, Jeyran Main and Review Tales is as good as it gets.” – Jame D. Okun, MD

James D. Okun, MD – Author of “The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine & Erasing Scars”

“The review itself I found great. It’s always exciting to have someone leave an in-depth and thoughtful reaction to a work I’ve labored on. Even the critiquing points were accurate and good feedback for me as a writer – yet written for the perspective reader / buyer. That’s a hard line to navigate in some reviews. I’ve found the entire process – from requesting a review to the communication once the review was completed – to be helpful in letting me know what to expect up front. Asking for honest reviews can be difficult as frequently you hear nothing back in any timely fashion – a problem Jeyran did not repeat.”- by Stephan Morse

Stephan Morse – Author of “One Lost Lords”

“I want to thank Jeyran Main for writing a great review of my book. It is honest and is right about some things. I probably should have stated where recovery means, “to get back into life” also at the beginning and at the end. It would have made better sense as they read the whole book. Despite this, the review was thoughtful and reinforces hope and the stigma associated with mental illness.”

Linda N. Baron-Katz – Author of “Surviving Mental Illness: My Story”

“I conversed with Jeyran via twitter about the possibilities of reviewing my book. I was surprised and deeply interested in having a review person dive into the abyss, needless to say, the anticipation was killing me as I have found the whole first-time writing experience to be very real and raw.

Well, I received an email from Jeyran telling me the review was posted and available to be read by me and now the whole world. I could not click the link fast enough. Upon reading the review, I realized that this person (Jeyran) had definitely read my book cover to cover and was quite sweet in foregoing some grammar mistakes of mine for the real true story that was found within the covers of my book.

My nerves were at ease, and a glowing review was received, that makes writing a book so very very special to any writer.
I consider the review service of Jeyran to be very honest and thorough, as I, the author knew immediately that the book had been read in full and some thought was given to the review.

Ten thumbs up to Jeyran for the book review.”

Aidan McNally – Author of “Two sons Too many”

“I love Jeyran’s review of my book “Weight Loss for Vegans,” as she really took the time to thoroughly study it and point out its strengths as well as factors that could need a bit of improvement, in a subtle manner. Jeyran was the first reviewer that really “got it”. She is helpful, reliable and unbiased. I think readers will absolutely love her balanced point of view. I would definitely recommend her!”

Kayla Keyes – Author of “Weight Loss for Vegans”

“Kind and gracious words from a respected reviewer who seems to value and appreciate strong women everywhere. Writing is a tough and lonely business, much like Pearl’s world in medicine circa 1883. But people like this reviewer make me want to keep giving it a try. Thank you!”

Marie Bartlett – Author of “Pearl”

“Writing can be a lonely profession and most writers crave any attention to the product that they have worked so hard to produce. Getting people to read and talk about your book is time-consuming and many reviewers never respond. Jeyran made the process of a book review easy and quick. Her review reflected understanding the entire story and I really appreciated the time it took to read my novel and write the review. She even went to the extra effort to identify a few punctuation errors. Maybe I should have had her as my final editor. She obviously loves reading books and communicating with the authors that create them. I wish more people in the world were like Jeyran who took the time and effort to connect with an author she had never met.”


Jim Kochanoff – Author of “Drone World”

“Here’s hoping more authors and readers will discover Review Tales. Jeyran’s reviews are honest and objective, providing constructive feedback. Books should be judged based on the entirety of the work and without bias. In my experience, no one is better at this than Review Tales. Thank you for reviewing my book and all the others on your wonderful site.”

Victor Wilkie – Author of “Once a God: The Spirit of Miriam”

“Authors love reviewers, and Jeyran Main is no exception. Excellent reviewers like Jeyran who offer serious and sincere insight into a book are prized by every striving author. She recognized and focused on important elements of my young adult fantasy/sci-fi (Bernie and the Wizards – Universe Builders series), such as Bernie’s humanity, in spite of his godly abilities, and the world-building that goes into creating multiple and unique worlds with appealing characters. I appreciate her insights and can highly recommend her to any author who wants an honest and insightful review of their work.”

Steve LeBel – Author of “Bernie and the Wizards”

“Being a 1st-time author, I am so grateful for your kind words and support of my book.
I especially appreciate the fact that you were able to convey the purpose of journaling and see the value in taking time to evaluate yourself, how you treat others, as well as the planet.”

Danica Denise Genova – Author of “Being Accountable”

“Thank you very much for the review. I thought it was incredibly fair, honest and thoughtful of what was right and wrong in terms of delivery. As a new author, it gives me confidence that I’m on the right track with my storytelling though I may not have found my voice just yet.”

Ken Britz – Author of “Fall to Earth (Pillars of Fire and Light, Book 1)”

“If you are looking for the book blogger, who will get deeply into the story of the book, you are at the right place! Jeyran is the one,who reads within and between the lines, capturing the deep meaning of the simple things. I am glad I’ve got my book reviewed by her and I am very thankful for her honest opinion!”


Jane B – Author of “The Dead Silence”

“I am very pleased with Jeyran’s review of my book, it was very thorough and touched on the points that showed that Jeryan not only took the time to read it, but to also understand it. He really gets what I am trying to convey, because it will inspire others to read it as well. A review from a non-Indian about my book is always appreciated as it tells me how they perceive India. Thank you very much, Jeyran!”

An Indian – Author of “India Was One”

“Main gave me a timely, open, and honest review. She composed a concise and precise summary of the novel, with comments which covered all the points you like to see when choosing whether or not to read a book. I will definitely be sending review requests to Jeyran for my future projects.”


A. J. Mccarthy- Author of “Sins of the Father”

“Genuine in-depth review. Without spoiling anything for other readers, Jeyran explained the essence of my novel and laid down a wonderful base for others to enjoy. I really liked her review, and would love to share my future work with her.”

Ahmad Ardalan – Author of “Baghdad: The Final Gathering”

“Jeyran Main not only wrote an insightful and honest review but also delivered it way sooner than I expected. As a first-time author, I valued her feedback greatly and look forward to working with her for future books. What an amazing service she is providing to authors and readers! I highly recommend her site to other authors and readers alike.”

Katherine Nelson – Author of “Escape the Pain to Survive”

“Jeyran took the time to write a well considered constructive review of my brand new detective series which is really helpful as an indie author. Often the book publishing world is closed off to new concepts or any material that is not deemed commercial enough but Jeyran id providing a wonderful service by reviewing books outside the mainstream. Often this feedback is invaluable in helping people become better writers. Thank you for reading and reviewing my book it is very much appreciated.”

Timothy Price – Author of “The Case of the Twitter Troll”

“I had a wonderful experience working with Jeyran. She is a consummate professional and took the time to write an honest, timely review for my debut book. I really appreciate her prompt communications with me, her professionalism and her writing skills! I highly recommend her!”

Jenny Eden Berk – Author of “The body image blueprint”

“Your words seemed genuine, and that you gave the story sensitive consideration for what I was trying to convey. This, of course, resonates and gives a new author balance to keep going. For that I am grateful. Reading and finding the stories that we truly like are different for everyone. Thanks for giving me your time and thoughts. I know you will be a huge help to the indie published authors out there seeking some recognition for their efforts. Blessings.”

Kim Troike – Author of “Into the Vines” & “String the Cranberries”

“As new authors, it has been crucial to getting objective reviews from people who spend a lot of time reading many different books. We were very grateful that Jeyran Main graciously agreed to review our book and we couldn’t be more pleased with her conclusions. She delivered within the time frame she promised and posted the review to many sites. We highly recommend her!”

Sharon Devinney, Ph.D. and Robin Personette – Author of “Despair to deliverance”

“Like many independent authors, I have struggled to obtain reviews for my book. Jeyran offers a valuable service. She responded to my review request speedily and gave a thorough, honest review while posting it literally everywhere.”

Rhonda Armbrust – Author of “Remote Viewer: Shadow Rescue”

“It is always refreshing to find someone as dedicated to authors, especially indie authors as Jeyran Main! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience!”

Ben Jackson – Author of “The day my fart followed me to soccer”

“I am so grateful for Jeyran’s review of my novel, Angles – Part I. She was able to capture the storyline I set out to tell. Her character analysis was spot on. Being a first-time independent author, I found that getting people to notice you and give you a chance was challenging. That’s what I’m most grateful for, She gave me a chance and her honest review lifted my spirits and interest in my book.”

Erin Lockwood – Author of “Angles – Part I”

“It’s refreshing to find someone like Jeyran. She was quick to respond to my email and read my book within a few weeks. Although a number of people have read the book, she spotted details which others seemed to have missed. I appreciate her understanding of the main character and the world building behind the story.”

Chrys Cymri – Author of “The Temptation of Dragons”

“I am very grateful that my work found its way to Jeyran for a review. She is a consummate professional, and it shows from beginning to end. She was always quick to communicate where she was with a project, and there was never a doubt that her review would be done on time for my book’s launch. Her understanding of my novel’s themes and characters proved to me that she placed much time and the utmost of care into her review. Any author seeking an honest review and criticism that is on point should end their work to Jeyran.”

H. A. Callum – Author of “Whispers in the Alders”

“Getting reviews for your work can be an uphill slog. Most reviewers/bloggers are so busy they don’t have time to even reply to a request, much less review your novel. Not so with Jeyran. She not only responded to my inquiry but reviewed my novel quickly and thoroughly. I applaud her work ethic, communication, and professionalism. I do have a question, though: when does she sleep?! Thanks so much, Jeyran! Keep up the good work”

Matt Cowper – Author of “The Clerk”

“Jeyran was great to work with. She engaged constructively with the book and had the review published extremely quickly. A+ from me!”

Matthew Luddon- Author of “The Revolutions of Caitlin Kelman”

“I am grateful for Jeyran’s review of ‘Kale & Jason’. She responded and completed the review in a timely manner with a sense that she read and understood the book –awesome. Jeyran provides a valuable service to overlooked authors and I recommend that anyone in need of a review to consider her.”

Travis Lee – Author of “Kale & Jason”

“Working with Jeyran Main was such a pleasure- I could not have asked for more in a review. She provided a concise description of the plot as well as a thoughtful analysis and genre recommendations. I can’t wait to work with her again – She is absolutely an asset to the reviewing community!”

Jodi Hockinson – Author of “Between Two Worlds”

“We are in an industry and community where we need people like Jeyran to survive. Jeyran was great to liaise with and quick with constructing her review of our novel: POPO GIGI: The earlier years – London to Bollywood”. It was a very honest and direct review. We hope more people uncover Jeyran’s extremely helpful and valuable service to the industry. Thank you for reviewing the novel and for your on-going support to independent authors!”

POPO GIGI from Joliwood Books

“I was thrilled with Jeyran’s review of ‘Netwalking Space’! While it is part of a series, I tried to write it as a standalone. Jeyran’s review made me confident that I was able to pull that piece off, which makes me very happy. A very pleasant person to work with and a lovely review. Thank you so much Jeyran.

Joyce Reynolds- Ward – Author of “Netwalking Space”

“Jeyran was great! She replied to my review request very quickly; and read my book within the time-frame she had given me. When I read her review, I was deeply touched, knowing she had really taken the time to engage with my book. jeyran completely understood what writing and sharing this books means to me. Her review was sincere, supportive and thorough. Thank you again, Arusha.”

Arusha Topazzini – Author of “A Mother Dies”

“Jeyran at Review Tales did a wonderful job reviewing the Buried symbol, sharing insights of some underlying plot details without exposing spoilers for would -be readers. She provides a valuable service to lesser-known authors and does so in a professional manner.”

Jeff Kohanek – Author of “The Buried Symbol: The Runes of Issalia, Book I”

“We at Strange books are always grateful to independent book bloggers. They are what makes the Indie Publishing world go round. Jeyran has proven herself to be a thoughtful, open-minded and honest reviewer. Her love of books shines through her carefully chosen words and her ability to share her enthusiasm with her readers means that she will enable many fabulous and otherwise-overlooked books to be read by many eager readers out there who are desiring something new and different.”

Mike Russell – Author of “Strange Medicine”

“Jeyran is an extremely talented and thoughtful reviewer. She responded immediately to my emails. I told her that we recently did a book launch and that we needed reviews quickly, she put aside another project to read my book. Her reviews are not your typical review, they are extremely detailed and well written. she discusses character and plot seamlessly. Jeyran was extremely kind and you can tell that she truly enjoys reading books and reviewing them. She will be my go-to person for all of my future releases.”

Grace Lockhaven – Author of “Quest Chasers”

“I am so grateful that I came across Jeyran while searching for reviewers for myself- published novel, Recreance. Despite having a sizable list of books to read and review, she was able to get to mine in a very timely manner. Communication was responsive and professional, and my overall experience was excellent. The review itself was well thought out, poignant, and constructive. i am looking forward to hearing what she thinks of the next book in the series once it’s released!”

H. G. Chambers – Author of “Recreance”

“Working with Jeyran was nothing if not an amazing experience! She was professional, helpful, quick to respond to my email, and she has an eye for the detail that only comes with years of experience. The review she wrote for my Science Fiction novel “Halfway’ was insightful and thorough, and I am grateful to her for all the help she provided me and to hundreds of other new authors.”

Lokesh Sharma – Author of “Halfway”

“As a self-published author, it is difficult to get your work in front of others. Well- written reviews can only help when trying to attract an audience. Jeyran was a pleasure to work with, reading my book in a timely fashion and writing a thought-provoking review when she was done. My book deals with a difficult subject matter, but Jeyran realized my intention in writing it, which was to stir up the reader’s emotions, inform them of a harsh reality confronting society, yet portray a heroine with a depth of emotion the reader can relate to. I appreciate not only what Jeyran had to say but how professional she was to work with.”

Keith Julius – Author of “The Robber of Youth”

“I truly enjoyed Jeyran’s review of my comic book “Ladies of Market Street”. It was a fresh look at the plot and characters and an honest review. I am grateful for the work that Jeyran does, as it gets the word out about writing that is easily overlooked. The process of the review was smooth as she communicates and completes her review quickly with great quality in her work.”

Emily Whitaker – Author of “Ladies of Market Street”

“Jeyran was an absolute wonder to work with. I’m so grateful to her for taking the time to read and review books by indie authors without charge – and so quickly as well. The turnaround time for my monster of an epic fantasy novel was a little over a month. She’s very fair regarding her ratings and gives a thoughtful, honest opinion on what she reviews. I highly recommend her!”

Nicholas Rinth – Author of “The Drowned Tower”

“I am so thankful for Jeyran’s kind review of my book “The Power of Time Perception”. She is an extremely talented intellectual with a broad knowledge in so many non-fiction subjects and I am grateful she accepted to review my book. Her review is honest and thorough, which is great for start-up authors. Thank you so much Jeyran and best wishes – Jean Paul.”

Jean Paul – Author of “The Power of Time Perception”

“I was very satisfied working with Jeyran Main. She provided a professional and insightful review to my book and posted it in a timely fashion on all expected platforms and more. I will certainly contact her again in the future when I publish my next book.”

Flavio Verna Santonocito – Author of “Pnaramakhia”

“Jeyran is an extremely professional reviewer and quite the fast reader. For my urban fantasy debut novel, A Change of Heart, she not only read it in a much shorter time than I expected, but her review of it found substance and themes that I did not realise (as they were in my subconscious). What this means is that Jeyran is a talented and thoughtfull reader, evidence of which is portrayed in her honest, insightful and thorough review, with keen eye for detail. This only shows that she takes the time to read your work, whilst pointing out where to improve in the future. All in all, I was completely happy with her services and shall definitely request more book reviews from her!”

Mark Benjamin – Author of “A Change of Heart”

“As the author of ten novels, I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of bloggers. Few have proved more pleasant professional, and thorough as Jeyran. She brings knowledge, perspective, and language that is impressive in its own right. I highly recommend her site to authors and readers alike.”

John A. Heldt – Author of “Hannah’s Moon”

“Jeyran was fantastic! She didn’t just review my book, she offered advice on where to submit it, to give it the best possible chance. As a first-time author, I can’t thank her enough. She replied to my review request immediately, and her thorough review of “Billy’s search for the healing well” moved me to tears. She even picked up on the witty, comedic, element of the book, which until reading the review, I wasn’t sure had worked. Jeyran, has given me so much more confidence in my writing. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a unique, thorough, insightful and fair review. I’ll always be grateful, thank you again, Helen.”

Helen C Burke – Author of “Billy’s search for the healing well”

“I am very grateful to Jeyran for her thoughtful and thorough review. She captures what I hoped readers would experience in reading my stories and expresses her feelings succinctly and powerfully. If you are looking for a book reviewer who invests not only her time but engages deeply with the words you have struggled to put together, look further than Jeyran. Very professional and highly recommended.”

Francis shaw – Author of “Breadcrumbs: A Collection of Spiritual & Philosophical”

“Jeyran is a professional and straight-shooting person. In taking the time to review my book and engage in meaningful contact, she not only provided new pathways for people to find the book but also gave me a practical glimpse into what the review process typically entails. Being very new to publishing fiction and receiving reviews, she was a good person to cross paths with early on and I have one hundred percent faith in her abilities.”

Arrison Kirby – Author of “Coping with Death and Destruction”

“I am so grateful that I found Jeyran, to read and review my first book in the Talon series. You have captured what I hope for readers to see between the written words and will live with Matica and will experience, what she experiences. Rejection, lonely, love, friendship, friends. Not expecting it so fast, she wrote me a professional and wonderful review and posting it to many places, so people can see it and hopefully buy my book. I am very satisfied and wish she could read and review more of my books.”

Gigi Sedlmayer – Author of “Talon Series”

“Jeyran did a fantastic job encapsulating my intent in writing my biography on Dwyane Wade. Jeyran’s review gave me a great deal of confidence and validation that I was able to accomplish my goal of touching my readers with inspirational stories of famous athletes. I would highly Jeyran if you are looking for a fresh perspective on your works.”

Clayton Geoffreys – Author of “Dwyane Wade”

“The review of Harnessing Altruism is concise yet clear and informative; it contains both the reviewer’s insight as an assessor and feeling as a reader of the book. So, it will be found as useful by the the author and the readers alike. In addition, it’s format is compatible with requirement by a majority of book-oriented communication media”.

Sava Buncic – Author of “Harnessing Altruism”

“I am a first-time author who just wanted to share my experience about the death of my daughter in a meaningful and personal way that would help other people. Jeyran did a great job treating the subject matter of my book with respect and reverence. My book was written from my personal religious worldview and I wondered how it would resonate with readers of other faiths and she did a great job identifying key principles that would help readers of my book know why it would be meaningful to them even if they were of a different faith and had not gone through the same trials that I had. She does a great job really spreading her review to every social media site. She was quick and professional in all her interactions with me and I would recommend her site to any other looking to get the word out about their book. I will also be recommending her site to any avid reader.”

Bryan Young – Author of “Meant for heaven: A Little Girl’s Journey to Paradise”

“Jeyran responded quickly to my initial inquiry about a review. From the outset she was very professional and upfront with what she needed and how long it would take. Even with a busy schedule, it only took her a few weeks to read my novel, Destitutio Quod Remissio, and composed an extremely thoughtful review. The book isn’t one that is read quickly and leans towards the literary fiction spectrum, which underscores how talented Jeyran is at reading a book and getting to its heart. Which is really what every author hopes a reviewer is able to and will do.”

Beau Armstrong – Author of “Destitutio Quod Remissio”

“I can’t recommend Jeyran Main highly enough! The thoughtful details which she puts into all her reviews leave the readers with little doubt about the quality of the books which she reviews. If you’re an author looking for reviews and blog features, or a reader looking for new books to read, then you’ve come to the right place.”

Ben Jackson – Author of “If I was a Caterpillar”

“Jeyran Main gave my book a thoughtful, honest and kind review. She is a pleasure to work with a was very helpful when I had questions. She also gave my book a promotional boost by sharing her review on other websites. Every bit helps indie authors like me. I am extremely happy with her work and would definitely request her service again in future. Many Thanks!”

Clifton Kenny – Author of “Reflections”

“It’s always nice to see a blogger who cares about the authors just as much as the books. The importance of reviews is immeasurable, and Jeyran goes above and beyond. She faily and timely reviewed my book, Rise of the Chosen, and posted it on several review sites and social media. Who could ask for more? Thanks!”

Anna Kopp – Author of “Rise of the Chosen”

“I loved working with Jeyran and her blog, Review Tales. She’s very dedicated and professional. The review she wrote for my book was insightful and very well written, so much so that I asked her permission to quote it amid the editorial reviews of the novel. Happily, she agreed!”

Petra F. Bagnardi – Author of “Different Kind of Lovely : A Novel”

“I want to thank Jeyran for this meticulous and honest review. A very professional attitude, she tells us about every step in the process. she read my novel right on time and quickly. She really captured my story and explained it in the best way.”

S. N. Lemoing – Author of “Powerful”

“Thank you Jeyran, it’s always constructive to have someone review your work and to hear other people’s opinion, especially when presented in Jeyran’s clear, professional, and most importantly, honest style. I’d highly recommend the service to any other first-time author looking to spread the word about their work”.

Luke Thorpe – Author of “The Silverfox’s Guide to Cocktails: A Spiritual Journey”

“It’s always such a thrill to have one’s work revied, especially when it is by someone who communicates as professionally as Jeyran. It is obvious that she doesn’t take her role as a reviewer lightly, from her evident, genuine interest to her timely delivery of a promised review. It is a privilege to have had her accompany the main character of “The Footsteps of Cain” along with his path of destruction and discovery. Thank you so much for evaluating the book, Jeyran! I’m so happy you enjoyed it.”

Derek Kohlhagen – Author of “The Footsteps of Cain”

“Working with Jeyran has been an absolute pleasure; she is dedicated, professional and really knows how to get into the heart of a story! Jeyran really picked up on the quirkiness of my children’s novel and expertly pinpointed the underlying message I had hoped to convey. I found her to be extremely pleasant and accommodating, and I feel she has a natural knack for bringing readers and authors together, something which is much – needed in the literary industry, particularly for indie authors. I would not hesitate to work with Jeyran again and would recommend her to all writers – an readers- out there!”

Sarah Bownless – Author of “The Experiment of Professor Polgas”

“Thank you, Jeyran, for your wonderful review of “The Perihelion”. What I appreciated most about it, is that you specifically addressed the uniqueness of the work: When I was writing the book, I was concerned that I was creating something too complicated for its own good, but you dispelled these fears with your fair words. In Short, thank you for promoting the indie author community! We are lucky to have the likes of you.”

David Wozniak – Author of “The Perihelion”

“It can be extremely hard as a self-published author to get reviews or to even get anyone to notice your book. Jeyran not only took the time to read my book but also left a comprehensive, thoughtful review that brought to light strengths of the book I didn’t even realize were there. She is professional and answers quickly, and you can tell she truly has a passion for what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Sean Fletcher – Author of “In the Depths of Darkness”

“It was a pleasure working with Jeyran for my book ‘The Girl From Rostov’. She not only provided a timely review but also a highly extensive and accurate one. She noted down any mistakes that she came across while reading and sent me screenshots so that I could further work on it. She posted her review all over the internet which in turn gave my book the exposure that it needed. I would certainly recommend her even my recommendation is the last thing she needs as her reviews speak for themselves.”

Shitij Sharma – Author of “The Girl From Rostov”

“I am so pleased that Jeyran Main took the time to review my book This Modern Love, and what a thoughtful review it is. I always feel humbled that readers get something out of my works, and it’s fascinating to see the themes interpreted through others readers. I look forward to reading more reviews from Jeyran and hence introduced to more great books, and I’ll definitely be sharing this platform with other authors and readers I know.

Ray Hecht – Author of “This Modern Love”

“Jeyran’s review of our book “Latecomers to Love” was spot on! She understood our sense of humor and what we’re trying to achieve without stories about our dating experiences. Jeyran’s review was very honest and we were impressed by her objective and thoughtful perspective. We very much appreciated her taking the time to review our book.”

Dee Cleary – Author of “Latecomers To Love”

“If you have already read The House of the Soul, you will find my words were laced with a certain irony. One of the insights the protagonist learns on her journey is not to rely on validation from the outside world, but to find it within yourself. As an author, I’m afraid my spiritual journey has not evolved that far. Instead, I rush to read any new review and bask in the validation of my work wherever I can find it! Jeyran did a wonderful job describing the heart and soul of the story, without giving too much away. She also hinted at the different layers available for a reader to explore beyond the main plot. I highly recommend utilizing Jeyran’s many talents if you’re after an insightful review of your work.”

Annie Dawson – Author of “The House of The Soul”

“Jeyran Main gave me insightful feedback that helped me in my writing. she was honest in mentioning the parts of the book that she liked as well as the parts she did not. She broadened my perspective on my writing. Her feedback has helped me on my journey to being a better writer. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have my book reviewed by her.”

Gabriel Elmahrek – Author of “Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon”

“I appreciated Jeyran’s review of my novel “Mad God Walking”. it was exciting for me to read that Jeyran connected with a lot of the inherent weirdness of the book, and I found her criticisms completely legitimate.”

Connor Drexler – Author of “Mad God Walking”

“Jeyran performed a highly competent and honest review of ‘Rarity from the Hollow’. She provides a valuable service to authors, readers, and to literature as a whole. Her review of this novel aptly illustrated a diverse interest in stories that may fall well outside of mainstream cookie – cutter releases, thereby matching content to target audiences. On behalf of the entire World of Books, thank you, Jeyran, for your contributions!”

Robert Eggleton – Author of Rarity from the Hollow”

“Asking for reviews can be a difficult task. No one enjoys combing the internet for feedback. Jeyran not only gave a solid, thoughtful review, but she did it a timely matter. Jeyran was very professional and I hope to work with her again soon with my new series.”

Derek Armstrong – Author of “Echo Effect”

“Jeyran Main has by far exceeded my expectations in terms of book review turnaround time. Very impressive! Jeyran has given a true and fair review of my book, Lucky Go Happy, and I greatly value her thoughts not only as feedback to me but to prospective readers of the book. How wonderful it must be when you combine you (obvious) love for reading with an (apparent) love to help others; authors and readers alike- thanks, Jeyran Main!.”

Paul van de Merwe – Author of “Lucky Go Happy”

“Working with Jeyran Main has been a wonderful experience. She is a consummate professional who cares about seeing independent authors succeed with their books. I appreciate her taking the time to write an honest and timely review for my debut book ” Blind to Succeed” and posting it literally everywhere imaginable. Jeyran provides a valuable service to new authors who are looking to get their books published and shared with the world. She is always quick to reply whenever you need any answers. I find her to be a breath of fresh air and I can highly recommend her services!”

Michael Atkins – Author of “Blind to Succeed”

“As a new author, seeking reviews from bloggers is a daunting (and often fruitless) task, but Jeyran was incredibly obliging and friendly. Even though she must be inundated with requests, she responded to my message quickly and managed to squeeze my novel into her schedule in under a month. I’m very grateful to her for her approachability and professionalism. It’s been a pleasure dealing with Jeyran, and I’m not just saying that because her review was incredibly flattering!”

S. A. Ellis – Author of “Disremembered”

“Jeyran was absolutely brilliant with a clinical, eagle-eye for proofreading, a highly patient and helpful manner in her correspondence and incredibly fair and insightful in her reviews. I will definitely be seeking her services again in future.”

Dan Cummings – Author of “Welcome to the Madhouse”

“Thank you for the kind review on Milton the Christmas Moose. We are glad you enjoyed the book and recognized our goal of helping children learn to be kind and accepting of everyone, especially those who have a disability. We appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for all you do to assist independent authors.”

Stephan Goodwin, Ph.D.- Author of “Milton the Christmas Moose”

“I contacted Jeyran a while back in relation to a review of my novella The Wooden Heart and found her to be very enthusiastic and honest, all of these attributes have remained and come across on her review of my book.

I was very impressed, especially by the way her review touched on a real understanding of the piece, and also her mention of the cover artwork, which to me is a very serious part of the whole publishing process.

To find someone who really loves their role as reviewer and does it with such a professional attitude is great, not only for me, but for other writers.

 I would highly recommend to any author, I am already in discussions for a review of my upcoming short story compilation release: Books, Bits & Bobs.”

Daniel Abrahams- Author of “The Wooden Heart”

“It was such a great honor to work with Jeyran after I requested my book review. She was professional and always answered the emails I had regarding the review. I would highly recommend her to any independent author trying to make his mark with a blogger’s review of their book”

Peter Hopkins – Author of “The Sword to Unite”

“Jeyran gets a high five from me. A busy reviewer took the time to read and review my book over all the others available. The review was personable and revealed the feelings and emotions my story conveyed. Great job Jeyran.”

Pat Patterson – Author of “Dining and Driving with Cats”

“Jeyran was very polite, professional and reliable throughout the whole process. I’d be happy if she decided to review my future books.”

Alex Benkast – Author of “Lumiana”

“I would like to thank Ms. Jeyran Main for reviewing my contemporary romance novel, The Love Labyrinth.

One of the things that I appreciate most is the fact that she did not divulge too much information regarding the plot. Nevertheless, she was objective and to the point and she posted her review on websites besides her own.”

Pamela Beverly – Author of “The Love Labyrinth”

“Getting people to read and dive into your book is time-consuming. Many reviewers never respond. Jeyran Main made the whole process of reviewing easy and quick. Her review of my book “The Miracle Problem Solver” reflects that she took her time to understand this intuitive self-help method. I really appreciate the time it took her to read my book and write the review.”

Kira Klenke – Author of “The Miracle Problem Solver”

“Jeyran’s review of my book is extremely detailed. I appreciated that she identified both what she did and didn’t like about it. As a writer, little more valuable than such comprehensive feedback. I must say that Jeyran’s level of professionalism is difficult to surpass. She answered my query email within hours, and she provided me with a remarkably prompt review. I would recommend her to readers and authors alike! both will appreciate her thorough assessment of books.”

Jessica Hernandez – Author of “Capering on Glass Bridges”

“I am very impressed by how easy it was to work with Jeyran. She was able to review The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators in just a few weeks and did a great job capturing the essence of what I worked to convey in the book.”

C. J. Scarlet – Author of “The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators”

“Jeyran has written an insightful, engaging review, eloquently written. She captured both the excitement of the story and the deeper thinking behind it, creating intrigue without spoilering the plot (not an easy feat, because it twists and turns a fair bit). Her hard work and talent as a reviewer is much appreciated.”

Petra Jacob – Author of “Peddling Doomsday”

“I would not have thought I could learn something new about my own book from a book review–after all, I wrote the book! Jeyran Main’s review named three insights about “Gremlin” that had simply never occurred to me. It turns out that these observations will be useful enough to me for actual use when I’m pitching the book myself in the future. I have not had that happen before, and I could not be more delighted by that unexpected good luck. The reviewer also reminded me to make the book available at more selling sites. A nice kick in the marketing butt.”

Rod A. Walters – Author of “Golden Gremlin”

“The review was extremely well written and flattering. Things were talked about but nothing important was spoiled. The delivery of the review was thought out and efficient. The poetic writing of the review was enticing. I’m very pleased that the reader enjoyed my novel and I’m very thankful for the review. Not many have commented on the cover but it’s wonderful to know it draws people in. Thank you for the time spent, I greatly appreciate it.”

D.E. Chapman – Author of “Fractured Past”

“I appreciate that Jeyran not only took the time to read my work but also offered an unbiased, constructive review without giving anything away. Thank you so much!”

Max E. Stone – Author of “Hollow Fissure”

“I feel very lucky to have found and been reviewed by Jeyran Main.  She was professional and very easy to correspond with.  It is clear that she not only read my story but understood what I was trying to accomplish as an author. If you are looking for an honest review by someone who clearly loves to read and to write, you will appreciate her very much.”

Marie Cheine – Author of “White Bear’s Big Adventure”

“Jeyran Main produced a fair, insightful, and succinct review of The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Volume 1).  She showed insight into the story’s heart and recognized its many levels. I look forward to her further reviews.”


Alan Joshua – The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Book 1)

“A timely and insightful review of my book Life of a Bastard, Jeyran Main’s work is professional, and I will use this review on my Amazon page. Jeyran Main expresses the themes of my book with true insightfulness with a social awareness that faces foster care kids like Javier Soto. I am hopeful I can send her an advance copy of Life of a Bastard Vol. 2 next year I would love to read her thoughts.
I am Humbled”

Damien Black – Author of “Life of a Bastard Book Series”

“I am sincerely grateful for the blogger’s valuable time in reading my
work. I know that bloggers get bombarded by so many book review
requests that they eventually have to start rejecting books. Jeyran is
an extremely flexible blogger with an increasingly large backlog of
requests that was more than glad to give my work a chance.

I liked the second review even more than the first because Jeyran
perfectly conveyed the darker feel of the second novel and that it
focuses on Spaulding & Richard’s stories without daring the spoil the
ending. Out of the 6 already published novels, Separation was the
hardest book to write.

I truly struggled writing this story in part because I just couldn’t
fathom to make my heros suffer so much. However, I believe it was
necessary to drive the story forward and luckily the later novels
return to a sense of adventure and fun that characterized the first

I’m vastly grateful that Jeyran gave not just 1, but 2 of my books a
chance and I would be more than glad to continue working together.
Thank you so much for your time!”

Nancy Foster – Author of “An Ominous Book and Separation”

“Jeyran was a pleasure to deal with from the start. She was quick with her review and her notes were insightful and were very helpful in giving potential readers a sense of the book. Thank you so much Jeyran!!! Keep up the good work!”

Marc and James Lindsay – Authors of “Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals”

“Jeyran Main read my book in exchange for an honest review. I’ve had many readers throughout the years promising me they’d review my book if I were to send it to them to read, only to discover they never kept their word and followed through with our agreement. Jeyran not only delivered on her promise, she wrote a nice and honest review. I appreciate her and her support.”

Rebekkah Ford – Author of “Legends of Deceit: Fantasy, Paranormal”

“Jeyran Main reviewed my novel, “The Judas Kiss”. She nailed it. She found no sententious junk written to establish emotions. What emotions were there were real and relatable. She recommended it to readers of historical interest, which is exactly what it is. Spies, revenge and a special kind of justice.”

Jon D. Zimmer – Author of “The Judas Kiss”

“This is the second time Jeyran (Digital Book Girl) has reviewed one of my titles, and I cannot state how great I find her work. Yes, she likes my second book, which is lovely to read, but why I like her work so much is that she actually gets inside the book and read and reviews it in with empathy and an open mind. There is no didactic approach to her work, she lets the piece do the talking, not making herself the main aim of any of her writing. This in itself, in today’s ego-mad world is refreshing, but it also gives the reader the room to decide for themselves if a title is of interest.

She has an unerringly accurate understanding of a piece, giving her work a depth and breadth most cannot achieve.

I am very proud she has worked on my first two titles and I will be reading her other reviews with interest.”

Dan Abrahams – Author of “Books Bits and Bobs”

“Honest review. Main knows how to inform potential readers on whether or not they’ll enjoy a book.”

Richard Carlson Jr. – Author of “Surviving Schizophrenia”

“Jeyran Main’s review highlighted those aspects of my novel which I want potential readers to consider most. It was a straightforward review which easily enables others to answer the question: is this book for me?”

Chris Steinsvold – Author of “The Book of Ralph”

“I asked Jeyran to write a review for The Fall and found her to be very professional and responsive to deal with – traits which are very important for an author looking for reviews. She wrote an honest, perceptive review which showed she had taken the time to really consider the story, and she nailed the features I was hoping to convey as an author. I will definitely be going back to Jeyran again. Great service, thank you.”

ST Campitelli – Author of “The Fall”

“Jeyran Main writes clear and insightful reviews. She has the ability to get to the core of your story in a succinct way and focus on the key themes”

Nicky Blue -Author of “Escape from Samsara”

“When an honest story is rewarded with such an honest review, you get a perfect match. I am grateful to Jeyran for experiencing my raw emotions and immense pain, for recognizing the depth of my grief and the greatness of my love. Nothing about it felt fabricated as Jeyran said because this story cannot be truer than it is. Thank you for your thoughts, Jeyran. And thank you for sharing them with others.”

A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

“Jeyran continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with. She has now reviewed four books for me and, even putting aside the kind words – which are thoroughly appreciated, so thank you for that – what I love is that her reviews are a great combination of succinct and insightful. They provide enough of an understanding for readers to pick up key points with the books without ever stepping into spoiler territory. Thank you Jeyran for the continued great work, and I look forward to working with you again on future books.”

Matt Doyle – Author of “Gifts, Carnival and Wick”

“Jeyran Main has written a succinct review of The City that Walked Away which conveys something of the essence of the book. She suggests, I think correctly, that the novel will appeal to people who are looking for something different and warns, quite rightly, that some people will find it difficult. I particularly liked her concept of ‘poetic-telling’.”

Andrew Ravensdale – Author of “The City that Walked Away”

“Jeyran gets to the heart of the book, letting the reader know the overarching themes, interpreting what the author was going for and reporting back if the objective was reached. I’ve seen some reviewers hone in on minor details, missing the big picture and providing an uneven account of what I created. I know that’s part of the risk of having a book reviewed, but with Jeyran, I was able to exhale with relief. She got it.”

Joshua Shea – Author of “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About”

“Jeyran was super professional and friendly. She kept me informed as to what was going on and very responsive. I felt the review was very generous and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Melissa Corbett – Author of “Taken: Stories of The Alien Invasion”

“Jeyran’s reviews are both fair and incredibly well written.  She sees what the author strives for in the writing and does a fantastic job of sculpting a great review.  She is easy to work with and I cannot stress enough how professional she is.  Thank you for doing such a great job of reviewing Interpretation (Freedom is Slavery).”

Dylan Callens – Author of “Interpretation”

“I am extremely grateful to Jeyran for her skillful and sensitive evaluation of my debut novel, “Burying Leo.” Compared to some of my previously published shorter – and often lighter – pieces, including a variety of memoirs and human interest stories, “Burying Leo” served as a full-length literary vehicle to explore the painful consequences of sexual assault.

Not only was I impressed with Jeyran’s ability to summarize the essence of my novel’s story-line in a precise and eloquent manner. She seemed also very aware of some of the underlying messages embedded in those 300-plus pages holding a kaleidoscope of tragic, amusing, annoying, entertaining, and also possibly (to some readers) offensive paragraphs.

Thank you, Jeyran, for a job well done and for giving me the positive feedback that helps keep me going as a writer.”

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh – Author of “Burying Leo”

“I was very pleased with Jeyran’s review of my book, it was very thorough and touched on the points that showed that Jeryan not only took the time to read it, but to also understand it. This is what I look for in a critic, because it will convey the right essence of the story, and will inspire others to read it as well. Thank you so much! I will definitely use you again!”

Jay Chirino – Author of “The Flawed Ones”

“Jeyran Main’s review of my novel Western Song keyed in on several central points that I desire most to come across to my readers and hopefully affect them. Her writing is simple but powerful with specific word choices that make her point efficiently and effectively. Despite a very busy schedule, her turnaround was appreciably quick. I am quite pleased with my experience with this reviewer.”

Leigh Podgorski – Author of “Western Song”

“I have sought out Jeyran several times now for book reviews. The reason is she’s friendly, honest, and follows through with her word. That goes a long way in this day and age. Not to mention her reviews are concise, and she graciously posts them on several social media sites, which is important in getting the word out about your work. I will continue to seek her out for her services and highly recommend her.”

Theresa Braun – Author of “Hardened Hearts”

“I am very thankful that Jeyran Main agreed to review my novel. Especially as a first-time Indie author, her review was priceless. She was really fast with communication and followed through with her promise to send me a review before a certain deadline.”

Emma Hill – Author of “Ashes of Glass”

“Jeyran writes in a beautiful accessible style. Her book reviews are fair, balanced, and timely. She is a true professional and a paramount artisan of the written word.”

J. B. Chisholm – Author of “Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum”

“Jeyran is courteous and professional in her dealings and provides prompt and informative reviews to authors. In the instance of children’s books, she has a keen eye on what should be made available to youth and what should be better left alone.”

Chad Durling – Review requested for “Shoeburn Ruffet”

“Jeyran wrote a detailed, considered and nuanced review of my book, having clearly engaged with its content rather than just giving it a quick read. I’d recommend Jeyran for anyone looking for reviews for their book.”

David Hutter – Author of ” FAKE NEWS”

“Jeyran is not just a thoughtful and well communicated person, she is well written. As for being an author looking for a good review, hers was one that I will be looking to leverage in my marketing. It wasn’t just complimentary, it was very descriptive and exactly the sort of recommendation I can use.”

Jaffrey Clark – Author of “The Shadow Tribe: Book 1”

“We live in a day and age where time is a valuable commodity and I am always grateful when people spend their time reading or watching something I’ve created. Jeyran took it a step further and not just read my work but also wrote a clear, concise review she posted across several platforms. I’ll continue to seek Jeyran’s thoughts in the future I recommend other authors do as well.”

Shannon Smith – Author of “Things We Didn’t Ask For”

“Jeyran’s ability to succinctly describe the purpose behind the story while concurrently highlighting its entertaining and educational value to prospective readers is truly commendable. Not everyone comes from areas where tornadoes are a concern, so getting an unbiased and positive review on how well this book presents its message of keeping children safe should a tornado occur is greatly appreciated.”

Heather Beal – Author of “Elephant Wind”

“I really appreciated Jeyran’s honesty. In addition to helping me gain exposure to a wider audience, her insights have proved invaluable to me in writing my next novel. Can’t wait to work with her again.”

Alex Carson – Author of “You and Me”

“I greatly appreciate Jeyran’s review of Lance: A Spirit Unbroken. Lance’s story is the epitome of bittersweet and Jeyran picked up on that fact. As she says,” This book is for memoir fans and anyone who is up for an emotional yet funny read. It’s very gratifying when a book reviewer recognizes and acknowledges what you as a writer were trying to achieve.”

Walter Stoffel – Author of “Lance: A Spirit Unbroken’

“Jeyran has reviewed two of my books now and has generously spread the word about both. If you’re looking for professional and unbiased reviews, Jeyran is a great resource for readers and authors alike.”

Carrie Rubin – Author of “The Bone Curse”

“Jeyran’s review of my book was genuine and so beautiful to read. She took the time to take the journey through the pages I created. She felt what I felt, and understood the impact my book can have on others.”

LaTasha Braxton – Author of “Dark Chains”

“Thanks for Jeyran Main for a thoughtful review of Memory Warp, my book about the perils of repressed memory therapy.  In a time when book review pages in newspapers are shrinking and disappearing, her reviews are more important than ever.”

Mark Pendergrast – Author of “Memory Warp and The Most Hated Man in America”

“Thank you for your even-handed critique of my book. I appreciate your honesty, and I take your comments about the cover to heart. You are right. The cover does need re-design. That’s on my to-do list now.”

Steven McFadden – Author of “Tales of the Whirling Rainbow”

“Jeyran Main’s review of my book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel, captures the essence of my goal in writing the book and relays it clearly to anyone reading her review.  That goal was to provide helpful and useful information in a conversational and humorous manner to my grandson, and to any man, on how to honor their wife and their marriage and how to be a proper husband.  Thank you, Jeyran for your insightful review of the book.”

Peter Davidson- Author of “Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel”

“Jeyran runs a tight ship! From our first correspondences, she was clear and straightforward about her timeline to read and review my book. In the meantime, she provided me an excellent opportunity to write a guest article too. When I read her review, I felt like she understood and appreciated the spirit of my book, and I was so grateful to see that her review was posted across a variety of domains in addition to her website. I highly recommend her for your editorial and book reviewing needs, and I hope to have her review my future books too! “

Heinrich Von Wolfcastle – Author of “Screams before dawn”

“The clear-cutt and direct review by Ms. Main, without excessive the use of hyperbolic adjectives, was most appreciated. She understands the feistiness of Hurricane’s character.”

Kali – Author of “I of the Hurricane: Eating Up a Storm”

“I was impressed with Jeyran’s professional approach and commitment to her reading list, which is exhaustive. Definitely a useful contact for any author to make.”

Dan Jones – Author of “Man O’War”

“I am very appreciative of Jeyran Main, her blog, Review Tales, for taking the time to read and write about my new novel, Gables Court. 
Her comments were intelligent, insightful, and frank. She said what she liked about the book and what she didn’t. That is all any writer can ask for from a reviewer.
As authors know, receiving reviews is difficult. Jeyran is open for submissions and a valuable resource.
I am happy I found her.”

Alan S. Kessler – Author of “Gables Court”

“It’s a pleasure to get an honest review, particularly one which involves some thought from the reviewer.
Jeyran not only does this, she makes the effort to post her review everywhere possible.”

Sherrie Cronin – Author of “c3 (46. Ascending)”

“Jeyran took a big picture view of my novel where she explained how she felt about the overall story and work. She then dug a little deeper and got into the details which I appreciated. She examined characters, world building, and plot. I wish the review was a bit longer but it was also short and to the point which many readers will appreciate.”

Natasha Lane – Author of “The Pariah Child and the Ever-Giving Stone”

“I am extremely grateful to Jeyran for her skillful and sensitive evaluation of my debut novel, “Burying Leo.” Compared to some of my previously published shorter – and often lighter – pieces, including a variety of memoirs and human interest stories, “Burying Leo” served as a full-length literary vehicle to explore the painful consequences of sexual assault.

Not only was I impressed with Jeyran’s ability to summarize the essence of my novel’s story-line in a precise and eloquent manner. She seemed also very aware of some of the underlying messages embedded in those 300-plus pages holding a kaleidoscope of tragic, amusing, annoying, entertaining, and also possibly (to some readers) offensive paragraphs.

Thank you, Jeyran, for a job well done and for giving me the positive feedback that helps keep me going as a writer.”

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh – Author of “Burying Leo”

“I was very pleased when Jeyran agreed to review of my recently published memoir. I feel she has given it a very fair and thoughtful assessment and was particularly sensitive to what I was trying to convey with my stories. She has been a pleasure to work with and is always prompt with replies and guidance. I was happy to join in on her blog pages with a guest article. Altogether a very positive experience.”

Patrick Burns – Author of “Far away and further back”

“Jeyran writes well-rounded and balanced reviews. Potential readers will immensely benefit from her honest perspective.”

Rajeev Kurapati – Author of “Physician”


“Jeyran was kind enough to read and review my book Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel. She wrote an accurate, incisive and balanced review. I will certainly send her the second book in the ‘Code’ trilogy, when it is completed.”


Clive Fleury – Author of “Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel”

“It isn’t easy for an unknown writer to get reviews and I very much appreciated Jeyran’s taking the time to read and review my short book, Literature®. I was especially pleased, of course, that the review was positive, and also that it was clear that the reviewer had engaged with the work and given it proper attention.”

Guillermo Stitch – Author of “Literature”

“A book review is a very helpful tool for an author to see if her true message was grasped by her readers. In Jeyran Main’s review of my book, Transforming Venus:  How to Get Unstuck and Let Your Inner Goddess out to Play, Jeyran captures the crux of my goal in writing a book that provides tools and guidance for midlife women to support them in going after their best life. Thank you, Jeyran for your insightful review of my book.”

Paula Weisflock – Author of “Transforming Venus”

“As a new author, getting any reviews for your work can be a challenge and finding reviewers who are willing to read your work and provide honest feedback is near impossible, however, Jeyran Main was a breath of fresh air. She responded quickly to my request and followed up with my emails within a day or two and delivered my book review earlier than she promised. Her review was concise, informative and described the essence of the book without revealing too much. I am happy I found her.”

Behzad Azargoshasb – Author of “Rules of Health”

“Again she has nailed it. I appreciate her honesty. There were aspects of the book that she wasn’t too fond of, however, she felt the book had merit for the adventurous. Also, it was straightforward, not cluttered with embellishments that might distract from the story.”

Jon Zimmer – Author of “Earth; The Death Chronicles Trilogy Book 1”

“I want to thank you for agreeing to give a chance and to read a book written by a writer you don’t even know; This is not self-evident. My books have been published so far only in Israel and in the original language are bestsellers, but synchronically with my decision to translate my books into English and go worldwide, I started this whole journey all again in a literary world where no one knows me or my writing style. I thank you very much for the chance that you let me present my story and promise to share the rest of the creative process as soon as my next books publish at Amazon. Thanks again.”

I. V. Olokita – Author of “Reasons to Kill God”

“In her reviews, Jeyran provides the honest perspective of a dedicated reader—one who has a good sense of what might appeal to others, and why. She approached my debut novel with sensitivity and understanding, delivering a concise and easy-to-read review.”

Jon O’Bergh – Author of “The Shatter Point”

“Jeyran’s book review is straight to the point. It tells the reader what the book is about, how it’s structured, what to expect, and what she enjoyed most about it. What else do you want from a review? Jeyran, thank you for your selfless work. I like how you understand the challenges of structuring such a book and how you appreciate a thought out structure. Thanks!”

Jonas Salzgeber – Author of “The little book of Stoicism”

“Jeyran is doing a great service to writers and her opinions are based on genuine insight from her own reader experience. It’s much appreciated. A million thank yous.”

Laura Tucker – Author or “Everything Not Okay”

“After reaching out to several bloggers Jeyran was kind enough to review my novella. She made the review process tolerable and was quick to answer any questions I had during the review. I would definitely submit more of my writing for review”

Jamie Horwath – Author of “A Breath Before Sunrise”

“Jeyran passion for helping authors is self-evident and his commitment to helping promote authors in all stages of their career is truly impressive. He helped me immensely with my own work and I recommend that authors looking for an honest review of their work should seek her out.”

Edward Rickford – Author of “The Serpent and the Eagle”

“Jeyran’s review of my first novel was just the inspiration I needed to continue my incredible journey into the world of authorship. Her perspective was elegant and insightful, both great qualities for readers and writers to admire. I couldn’t have written it better myself.

It was blatantly obvious to me that she had a complete understanding of the fantasy world I’d created. I greatly appreciate her professionalism and honesty, after all TwoSpells is a remarkable tale. I can only hope she’ll take the time to pass judgment on the remainder of the series, not written yet, and all my future writings.”

Mark Morrison- Author of “TwoSpells”

“The subject of human trafficking is difficult to contend with, yet Jeyran bravely stepped into that world when she reviewed “Vanished”.

I found her review to be honest, professional, and fair. It captured the novel’s true theme that compassion and hope can thrive, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Thank you, Jeyran, for your hard work and dedication to your craft! Keep up the amazing work!”

Mark Bierman- Author of “Vanished”

“Thank you for your wise and objective review; I’m glad you enjoyed Rejections from a Literary Agent: Discouraging Writers, One Bad Query at a Time. Everyone who writes knows not only about the sting of rejection, but about how supportive readers, great reviewers and a dose of humor all help.”

Randy Kasten – Author of “Rejections From a Literary Agent: Discouraging Writers, One Bad Query at a Time”

“I can’t say enough good things about Jeyran’s reviews! You can tell she puts so effort and value into her writing. Definitely, a wonderful person to work with!”

Michael Gordon – Author of “The Dragon Talks”

“I had two reviews done by Jeyran, neither times I can say anything but good. They’re both good ones and fastly done. She has good feedback, her points in her reviews are good.”

Dennis Scheel- Author of “Taken with a Dark Desire”

“Jeyran’s reviews are honest and well balanced. With my book, he stressed several positive features of the book. He added some suggestions based on his judgement. His review is professional and well written.”

Judy Martialay – Author of “Bonjour! Let’s Learn French: Visit New Places and Make New Friends”

“Jumping into a full epic fantasy series from being a small standalone horror author is not an easy transition. There’s a lot more to worry about: more characters, more descriptions, and the creation of a whole new world. That requires feedback, and Jeyran’s readthrough and review of my book provides just that. He points out all the goods and bads, gives readers of taste of what’s inside, and does it all without spoilers. Definitely a great reader. I highly recommend sending him your story.”

Dexter Morgentern – Author of “The Reaping: A Grim Sword & Sorcery Tale”

“Jeyran’s wonderful review of my book was fair and well balanced.

Focusing on the educational, and illustrative qualities for the work.”

David Hillman – Author of “Berkley, A Nose Tale”

“I’m amazed that you read and reviewed my novel so quickly.  I’m also delighted that you commented so positively on FREEFALL’s characters, humor, and vivid descriptions of Whistler, B.C., and Venice, Italy. Many thanks.”

Lily Iona Mackenzie – Author of “Freefall – A Divine Comedy”

“Thanks so much or taking the time to read Traveller Inceptio and provide your review. Seeking reviews is an emotionally trying process, so I am delighted with a positive review and the efforts to make the review balanced. I will recommend your services to anyone seeking to raise their exposure as authors, for your Author Inverview is another service completed with professionalism and the delicacy all authors need.”

Rob Shackleford – Author of “Traveller-Inceptio”

“Jeyran is providing an incredible service to authors. Her review was honest and well balanced. I was also impressed by how quickly she read and reviewed my novel.”

Lanza Sebastiano – Author of “That Which Must Happen”

“Book reviews are an exciting and anxious time for an author. As with all forms of art they’re subjective, and you never know how the reviewer will feel. All you (the author) can do is hope beyond hope and keep her fingers crossed. Jeyran identified not only with the storyline of Bella Toscana but the heart of it, the emotional journey, the difficult choices the character made. Her extraordinarily lovely review made my heart sing and sigh.”

Nanette Littlestone – Author of “Bella Toscana”

“I give you five stars and appreciate the balance of your reviews. I love that you offer insight into things that can be improved and give no spoilers. Thanks for the review…I’ll coming back when I’ve got more stories.”

Whitney Rines – Author of “Dragonborn (Between Gods and Mortals Book 1)”

“Jeyran Main offers a great opportunity to get a professional review without paying high fees from websites that review independent books. She is courteous, prompt, and supportive. I have two reviews from her and the process for each one has been pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other authors looking to have their book reviewed.”

Jamie Horwath – Author of “Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse”

“Jeyran captured the heart of my book in a thoughtful and provoking way. She communicates well and is easy to work with. I heartily recommend using her services.”

Harris N. Rosen – Author of “My Family Record Book”

“Jeyran’s reviews provide an encouraging and helpful outlook, along with constructive criticism. Highly recommend for authors to reach out to this professional, kind, and cooperative book reviewer! “

Noah Michael – Author of “The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1)”

“I greatly appreciate your words regarding my new novel. It’s such a boost for an author when the reviewer gets it!”

Marie Carter – Author of “Holly’s Hurricane”

“I discovered Jeyran Main while doing some searching for book reviewers and decided to send her an email. She responded quickly and very nicely and told me that she would be interested in reading and reviewing my book. She informed me that she had a few books ahead of mine but that she’d get to it in a timely manner to which she did. Her review was honest, informative, and straight to the point. I would recommend anyone to contact her for a review. Very polite and professional.”

Skylerr Darren- Author of “Interview with the devil”

“One easily notices that Jeyran has great experience and is an expert in all things to do with literature. She is a true professional and very thorough in her analysis. Nothing escapes her eye.
I must say, I was also very grateful that she replies to emails within a day – something which often seems to lack in the book world.
Thank you Jeyran, for a most pleasurable experience and all the very best on your future literary journey.”

Allan Gilmour – Author of “‘A Helping Paw’ – Amusing Satirical Observations of Life Featuring Two Witty Cats and an Englishman”

“Jeyran gives fair and insightful book reviews that are posted to multiple platforms in a timely manner. In addition to the free book reviews, authors can also post a guest article on her blog. I was so pleased that I will come back to her again and I plan to ask her assistance for all my books, as she runs a premiere blog invaluable to authors like me.”

N. Lombardi Jr. – Author of “Justice Gone”

“I was quite pleased with the review that Jeyran posted concerning the third book in my Worlds Beyond Scripture series. She managed to convey a sense of wonder in her reflections, capturing the spirit of the story without giving too much away in the process. She was careful not to expose spoilers while still allowing for enough of a reveal to engage potential readers, balancing critical appraisal alongside the cultivation of active intrigue, which is never easy. Jeyran managed to pull it off in spades. In my experience, I found her to be highly professional in every regard, and if given the chance, look forward to reading any future reviews of my works that she may post.”

Byron Fortin – Author of “Two if by Dark Reverie – Part I (Worlds Beyond Scripture, #3)”

“I appreciate that Jeyran was able to break down some of the various aspects of “The Henna Witch” in her review. The story was written on multiple levels from providing a simple adventure to viewing how we regard nature and she responded to those issues, which is encouraging for me as a writer.”

GJ Scherzinger – Author of “The Henna Witch”

“As an author, and especially a poet, it is often not easy to get a review of one’s work. I am grateful to Jeyran Main for her honest and insightful review. She was one of the first bloggers to respond to my query, and in so doing she was professional, promptly replying to all my emails. Her review was pithy, yet insightful not only commenting on the work as a whole, but citing poems from it, and how accessible it is to the modern ear.”

Aria Ligi – Author of “Hammer of God”

“As a new author, finding honest reviewers can be a challenge. But I was fortunate enough to find Jeyran. The review captured the essence of my book without giving away any spoilers. I appreciate the honesty, and it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Bloodline Origins (the first book in the Bloodline trilogy).”

Iuliana Foos – Author of “Bloodline Origins”

“Jeyran Main is an honest, reliable reviewer. He was so professional and truly captured my books essence in his review. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! It was a pleasure working with him.”

S.P.B Berry – Author of “B*tch, F*cking Love Yourself”

“Jeyran, thank you for writing a comprehensive review that analyzes not only my novel’s plot and themes, but its readability and its potential audiences.  These are considerations that I had not thought of, but might persuade a potential reader who would otherwise not have picked up my book. Brava!”

Matthew Wade – Author of “The Burgeoning Heart of Bambi Bazooms”

“In writing and being a “doubting Thomas” self published kinda guy. Jeyran has made things so enjoyable. I am Stoked to see the review and so pleased my work was enjoyed. I really appreciate the time taken to get in to my story as my books are about my life, no matter what, it always feels personal😊
I cannot thank Jeyran enough. “

Aidan Mc Nally – Author of “17 Life: Corner or Crossroads?”

“Jeyran’s reviews are perfectly distilled to the essence of a story’s summary and insightful and artful commentary.”

David Wozniak – Author of “The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion Book 1)”

“I am so grateful for Jeyran’s review of my book Purposely Positive: How to Live an Intentional and Inspired Life. Jeyran provided an in-depth review and focused on aspects potential readers would enjoy about the book. I am very pleased and highly recommend Jeyran to any author!”

Joel Lindeman – Author of “Purposely Positive: How to Live an Intentional and Inspired Life”

“Many thanks Jeyran for your review of Immortal. The review was fair and balanced and I agree with Jeyran that the book is suitable for SciFi fans!”

Nick Lloyd – Author of “Immortal”

“Jeyran Main was very kind to review my book. She provided interesting insights about plot and style and helped me with her feedback. I’m very grateful for her notes and comments.”

Terry Graves – Author of “Raven’s Will (The Snow Queen Saga 1)”

“I truly appreciate Jeyran’s take on the book. She brought out the most important and vital components of the story, which shows she has a talent for recognizing development and structure. I felt great relief about her positive pass on the YA voice–this concerned me the most. I don’t know how she handles such a mountainous workload of TBR books. We’re lucky to have her in our corner, providing this unselfish service to authors.”

Christy J. Breedlove – Author of “Screamcatcher: Web World”

“Well…I was blown away by your touching and revealing comments about my book, Spilling Blood. Really, you knocked me sideways with your heartfelt review where you say, ‘you too, wanted to take revenge’; that was a heart-stopper indeed.
I’ve no words how emotional you’ve left me feeling though I’m coming over tearful. I guess similar to how I’ve always felt about my book; strong and provocative, telling a story to touch beating hearts.
So, Jeyran, thank you. I have to end it there or I’ll become terribly soppy but, a world of thanks once more, I’m honoured you truly got my book. Priceless stuff!”

L. Penn – Author of “Spilling Blood”

“When I asked for Jeyran to review my book, I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped for honesty, good or bad, as that is the mission of a professional reviewer’s work. I was delighted to see, that, like other authors have said, Jeyran “got it” and was able to write a review to the kernel of the intention of the text. That is huge for an author, who, of course, wants to be heard and not just “read.”  I truly appreciate the willingness to look at my work and offer it up to others on this site. There are soooo many people writing and publishing on their own now, that the work of legit reviewers, I believe, is more important than ever. Thank you Jeyran! “

Vali Hawkins Mitchell – Author of “#WeAreManyWomen: ManyVoices”

“I just read your review of Run Away, Lizzy and wanted you to know how pleased I am with such kind and thoughtful remarks. I liked that you touched on Lizzy’s slow maturing into an adult relationship. Again, thank you for taking the time to read and review.”

Elizabeth J. Sparrow – Author of “Run Away, Lizzy”

“I appreciate Jeyran taking the time to read and review my book. I always strive for well-developed characters, a good plot, and a tense read. Her attention to the suspense throughout the novel without giving away too much information about the secrets involved, is a talent in itself and a testament to allowing readers to discover the twists and turns on their own.”

Timothy Moonlight – Author of “The Last Word”

“This is a tough business. It is hard for an independent author to get noticed. I appreciate that Jeyran took the time to read my work and provide a thoughtful review in such a timely manner.”

Glenn Seerup – Author of “The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter”

“Jeyran, thank you for your review of my novel, BlindSided. Your spoiler-free analysis confirmed what I tried to do throughout the story, and it definitely gives a good idea of what other readers can expect. I will certainly be seeking you out for another review once my second novel is ready.  Thanks again!”

Narc Narcisse – Author of “Blindsided’

“Jeyran was fabulous to work with. She was prompt and very professional. I found her review to be very thorough and was also very positive and uplifting. It definitely added credibility to my book and I’ve seen an increase in sales because of it. I would highly recommend working with Jeyran.”

Rose Stanek – Author of “Little Love”

“Thank you very much for your review of The Turing Revolt! You are one of the very first bloggers willing to take a look at a brand new work by a brand new author. Reviews are the lifeblood of independent authors; editorial reviews are crucial to our success in building a following. I look forward to sending you my next novel and reading your expert opinion.”

Robert Bartlett – Author of “The Turing Revolt – The War Against Infinity”

“This was the first book I have published and the first review written about it; thank you for your kind and authentic words. I will continue wring because I love it, from the bottom of my heart, thank you again for helping to make my dream a reality. “

Romario Ashley – Author of “The Cheerful Prince: and Other Stories”

 “The review was a fully fair critique of my book and that is all an author can ask a 100% perfectly fair – whether negative or positive review and I was equally happy that you enjoyed the story and especially the protagonist. Thanks”

Rod Martinez – “Author of Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy”


“It’s hard enough for any artist to produce their work, but then comes the tough part, marketing. I appreciate Jeyran’s willingness, professionalism and honesty.”

Brandon Rowell – Author of “My Piece and My Peace: The Autobiography of Brandon A. Rowell”

“Jeyran Main gave a very fair account of my novel “Farewell My Life,” which showed that she had taken the time and trouble to read all of this (rather long) novel. I would go to her again for another review.”

Cynthia Sally Haggard – Author of “Farewell My Life: Buona Notte Vita Mia”

“I would like to thank Jeyran for taking the time to read and then review my book Father of Storms. Reviews, especially honest ones, are incredibly important for authors and that’s exactly what I got from Jeyran.
Thank you again and I am glad you enjoyed my book.”

Dean Jones – Author of “Father of Storms”

“What I love about your review is that you “got it”, you grasped what the book is about, which is how the intertwining of lives can transform us, while participating in the adventures of Draco and Daria, the two dog protagonists of the story.”

Mark Tedesco – Author of “The Dog on the Acropolis”

“I was so pleased with my experience with reviewer Jeyran Main. One of the biggest challenges for an independent author is finding their audience, and bloggers like Jeyran help to shed light on these stories with honest, thoughtful reviews. Communication was timely and clear, and I truly appreciate the positive exposure Jeyran has brought to my novel!”

Angelica Clyman – Author of “Dominion of the Star (Descendants of the Fallen Book 1)”