What Authors Think of Me





Sayonara Machado- Author of “HOW’S YOUR FAMILY”



Jonathan Floyd – Author of “Floyd’s Rule Book of Bad Grammar”

Alex Bryant – Author of “The Identity Thief”

Cheryl Lacey Donovan – Author of “Restore Her”

K.T.Findlay -Author of “In two minds by K.T.Findlay”

Evelyn Puerto – Author of “Flight of the spark”

Timothy D. Minneci – Author of “The black sky”

Annemarie Schiavi-Pedersen – Author of “Celestina’s Burning”

Abby Ross – Author of “The Poop Diaries”

Catherine Taylor – Author of “Beyond The Moon”

Veronica Gventsadze – Author of “The harvest of her life’s summer”

Zarina Macha – Author of “Around Midnight”

Timothy Lawver – Author of “The dark child”

Richard J. Dowling – Author of “How to Sell the Stars”

J. S. Matthews – Author of “The Marshal”

Eduardo Chapunoff – Author of “Chats with God in Underwear”

Angelica Clyman – Author of “Dominion of the Star (Descendants of the Fallen Book 1)”

Dean Jones – Author of “Father of Storms”

Brandon Rowell – Author of “My Piece and My Peace: The Autobiography of Brandon A. Rowell”

L. Penn – Author of “Spilling Blood”

Mark Tedesco – Author of “The Dog on the Acropolis”

Romario Ashley – Author of “The Cheerful Prince: and Other Stories”

Cynthia Sally Haggard – Author of “Farewell My Life: Buona Notte Vita Mia”

Robert Bartlett – Author of “The Turing Revolt – The War Against Infinity”

Rod Martinez – “Author of Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy”

Rose Stanek – Author of “Little Love”

Iuliana Foos – Author of “Bloodline Origins”

Glenn Seerup – Author of “The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter”

S.P.B Berry – Author of “B*tch, F*cking Love Yourself”

Aria Ligi – Author of “Hammer of God”

Narc Narcisse – Author of “Blindsided’

Behzad Azargoshasb – Author of “Rules of Health”

Byron Fortin – Author of “Two if by Dark Reverie – Part I (Worlds Beyond Scripture, #3)”

Timothy Moonlight – Author of “The Last Word”

Elizabeth J. Sparrow – Author of “Run Away, Lizzy”

Allan Gilmour – Author of “‘A Helping Paw’ – Amusing Satirical Observations of Life Featuring Two Witty Cats and an Englishman”

Terry Graves – Author of “Raven’s Will (The Snow Queen Saga 1)”

Noah Michael – Author of “The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1)”

Vali Hawkins Mitchell – Author of “#WeAreManyWomen: ManyVoices”

Rob Shackleford – Author of “Traveller-Inceptio”

Christy J. Breedlove – Author of “Screamcatcher: Web World

Joel Lindeman – Author of “Purposely Positive: How to Live an Intentional and Inspired Life”

David Wozniak – Author of “The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion Book 1)”

Nick Lloyd – Author of “Immortal”

Aidan Mc Nally – Author of “17 Life: Corner or Crossroads?”

Michael Gordon – Author of “The Dragon Talks”

Randy Kasten – Author of “Rejections From a Literary Agent: Discouraging Writers, One Bad Query at a Time”

Matthew Wade – Author of “The Burgeoning Heart of Bambi Bazooms”

Edward Rickford – Author of “The Serpent and the Eagle”

Jonas Salzgeber – Author of “The little book of Stoicism”

Walter Stoffel – Author of “Lance: A Spirit Unbroken’

I. V. Olokita – Author of “Reasons to Kill God”

GJ Scherzinger – Author of “The Henna Witch”

Marie Carter – Author of “Holly’s Hurricane”

Clive Fleury – Author of “Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel”

N. Lombardi Jr. – Author of “Justice Gone”

Patrick Burns – Author of “Far away and further back”

Heinrich Von Wolfcastle – Author of “Screams before dawn”

Whitney Rines – Author of “Dragonborn (Between Gods and Mortals Book 1)”

 Skylerr Darren- Author of “Interview with the devil”

Harris N. Rosen – Author of “My Family Record Book”

Jamie Horwath – Author of “Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse”

Nanette Littlestone – Author of “Bella Toscana”

Lanza Sebastiano – Author of “That Which Must Happen”

Lily Iona Mackenzie – Author of “Freefall – A Divine Comedy”

David Hillman – Author of “Berkley, A Nose Tale”

Judy Martialay – Author of “Bonjour! Let’s Learn French: Visit New Places and Make New Friends”

Laura Tucker – Author or “Everything Not Okay”

Dennis Scheel- Author of “Taken with a Dark Desire”

Jamie Horwath – Author of “A Breath Before Sunrise”

Mark Bierman- Author of “Vanished”

Mark Morrison- Author of “TwoSpells”

Jon O’Bergh – Author of “The Shatter Point”

LaTasha Braxton – Author of “Dark Chains”

Petra Jacob – Author of “Peddling Doomsday”

Alex Carson – Author of “You and Me”

Jon Zimmer – Author of “Earth; The Death Chronicles Trilogy Book 1”

Guillermo Stitch – Author of “Literature”

Paula Weisflock – Author of “Transforming Venus”

Rajeev Kurapati – Author of “Physician”

Emma Hill – Author of “Ashes of Glass”

Alan S. Kessler – Author of “Gables Court”

Dan Jones – Author of “Man O’War”

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh – Author of “Burying Leo”

Natasha Lane – Author of “The Pariah Child and the Ever-Giving Stone”

Sherrie Cronin – Author of “c3 (46. Ascending)”

Helga Gruendler-Schierloh – Author of “Burying Leo”

Kali – Author of “I of the Hurricane: Eating Up a Storm”

Joshua Shea – Author of “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About”

Peter Davidson- Author of “Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel”

Steven McFadden – Author of “Tales of the Whirling Rainbow”

Mark Pendergrast – Author of “Memory Warp and The Most Hated Man in America”

Nicky Blue -Author of “Escape from Samsara”

Chris Steinsvold – Author of “The Book of Ralph”

Dan Abrahams – Author of “Books Bits and Bobs”

Jon D. Zimmer – Author of “The Judas Kiss”

Nancy Foster – Author of “An Ominous Book and Separation”

Rod A. Walters – Author of “Golden Gremlin”

Carrie Rubin – Author of “The Bone Curse”

C. J. Scarlet – Author of “The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators”

Heather Beal – Author of “Elephant Wind”

Shannon Smith – Author of “Things We Didn’t Ask For”

Jaffrey Clark – Author of “The Shadow Tribe: Book 1”

David Hutter – Author of ” FAKE NEWS”

J. B. Chisholm – Author of “Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum”

Kira Klenke – Author of “The Miracle Problem Solver”

Pamela Beverly – Author of “The Love Labyrinth”

Theresa Braun – Author of “Hardened Hearts”

Alex Benkast – Author of “Lumiana”

Leigh Podgorski – Author of “Western Song”

An Indian – Author of “India Was One”

Jay Chirino – Author of “The Flawed Ones”

Dylan Callens – Author of “Interpretation”

ST Campitelli – Author of “The Fall”

Melissa Corbett – Author of “Taken: Stories of The Alien Invasion”

Andrew Ravensdale – Author of “The City that Walked Away”

Matt Doyle – Author of “Gifts, Carnival and Wick”

A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

Richard Carlson Jr. – Author of “Surviving Schizophrenia”

Daniel Abrahams- Author of “The Wooden Heart”

A. J. Mccarthy- Author of “Sins of the Father”

Steve LeBel – Author of “Bernie and the Wizards”

Ken Britz – Author of “Fall to Earth (Pillars of Fire and Light, Book 1)”

Danica Denise Genova – Author of “Being Accountable”

Jane B – Author of “The Dead Silence”

Ahmad Ardalan – Author of “Baghdad: The Final Gathering”

Rebekkah Ford – Author of “Legends of Deceit: Fantasy, Paranormal”

Marc and James Lindsay – Authors of “Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals”

Damien Black – Author of “Life of a Bastard Book Series”

Alan Joshua – The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Book 1)

Marie Cheine – Author of “White Bear’s Big Adventure”

Max E. Stone – Author of “Hollow Fissure”

D.E. Chapman – Author of “Fractured Past”

Stephan Goodwin, Ph.D.- Author of “Milton the Christmas Moose”

Katherine Nelson – Author of “Escape the Pain to Survive”

Kim Troike – Author of “Into the Vines” & “String the Cranberries”

Rhonda Armbrust – Author of “Remote Viewer: Shadow Rescue”

Erin Lockwood – Author of “Angles – Part I”

Chrys Cymri – Author of “The Temptation of Dragons”

Matt Cowper – Author of “The Clerk”

Travis Lee – Author of “Kale & Jason”

POPO GIGI from Joliwood Books

Joyce Reynolds- Ward – Author of “Netwalking Space”

Arusha Topazzini – Author of “A Mother Dies”

Jeff Kohanek – Author of “The Buried Symbol: The Runes of Issalia, Book I”

Mike Russell – Author of “Strange Medicine”

Grace Lockhaven – Author of “Quest Chasers”

Lokesh Sharma – Author of “Halfway”

Emily Whitaker – Author of “Ladies of Market Street”

Jean Paul – Author of “The Power of Time Perception”

Mark Benjamin – Author of “A Change of Heart”

John A. Heldt – Author of “Hannah’s Moon”

Helen C Burke – Author of “Billy’s search for the healing well”

Arrison Kirby – Author of “Coping with Death and Destruction”

Clayton Geoffreys – Author of “Dwyane Wade”

Bryan Young – Author of “Meant for heaven: A Little Girl’s Journey to Paradise”

Ben Jackson – Author of “If I was a Caterpillar”

Anna Kopp – Author of “Rise of the Chosen”

Luke Thorpe – Author of “The Silverfox’s Guide to Cocktails: A Spiritual Journey”

Derek Kohlhagen – Author of “The Footsteps of Cain”

David Wozniak – Author of “The Perihelion”

Sean Fletcher – Author of “In the Depths of Darkness”

Timothy Price – Author of “The Case of the Twitter Troll”

Jenny Eden Berk – Author of “The body image blueprint”

Sharon Devinney, Ph.D. and Robin Personette – Author of “Despair to deliverance”

Ben Jackson – Author of “The day my fart followed me to soccer”

H. A. Callum – Author of “Whispers in the Alders”

Matthew Luddon- Author of “The Revolutions of Caitlin Kelman”

Jodi Hockinson – Author of “Between Two Worlds”

Derek Armstrong – Author of “Echo Effect”

Michael Atkins – Author of “Blind to Succeed”

H. G. Chambers – Author of “Recreance”

Keith Julius – Author of “The Robber of Youth”

Nicholas Rinth – Author of “The Drowned Tower”

Flavio Verna Santonocito – Author of “Pnaramakhia”

Peter Hopkins – Author of “The Sword to Unite”

Francis shaw – Author of “Breadcrumbs: A Collection of Spiritual & Philosophical”

Gigi Sedlmayer – Author of “Talon Series”

Sava Buncic – Author of “Harnessing Altruism”

Beau Armstrong – Author of “Destitutio Quod Remissio”

Pat Patterson – Author of “Dining and Driving with Cats”

Clifton Kenny – Author of “Reflections”

Petra F. Bagnardi – Author of “Different Kind of Lovely : A Novel”

S. N. Lemoing – Author of “Powerful”

Sarah Bownless – Author of “The Experiment of Professor Polgas”

James D. Okun, MD – Author of “The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine & Erasing Scars”

Bruce Miller – Author of “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed”

John W. Howell – Author of “Our Justice”

Jim Kochanoff – Author of “Drone World”

Victor Wilkie – Author of “Once a God: The Spirit of Miriam”

Linda N. Baron-Katz – Author of “Surviving Mental Illness: My Story”

Marie Bartlett – Author of “Pearl”

Kayla Keyes – Author of “Weight Loss for Vegans”

Aidan McNally – Author of “Two sons Too many”

Stephan Morse – Author of “One Lost Lords”

Shitij Sharma – Author of “The Girl From Rostov”

Jessica Hernandez – Author of “Capering on Glass Bridges”

Ray Hecht – Author of “This Modern Love”

Dee Cleary – Author of “Latecomers To Love”

Annie Dawson – Author of “The House of The Soul”

Gabriel Elmahrek – Author of “Eating Ice Cream in Armageddon”

Connor Drexler – Author of “Mad God Walking”

Robert Eggleton – Author of Rarity from the Hollow”

Paul van de Merwe – Author of “Lucky Go Happy”

S. A. Ellis – Author of “Disremembered”

Dan Cummings – Author of “Welcome to the Madhouse”


10 Comments on “What Authors Think of Me

  1. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Jeyran in reading “Requiem, Changing times.” She is wonderful to get to know and does great work. She is both professional, polite, and patient. On a side note, she did a video post about one of my books and her voice could charm politicians to change. I played it for one of my friends and they asked if it was an actress talking or not. Seriously, she could be a voice actor!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeyran is great to work with. She is always professional and quick to respond. She was kind enough tor read two of my books for review and I really appreciate the time and effort she put into both books.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have found Jeyran to be highly professional with a tremendous grasp of detail.The YouTube videos that she produces are an excellent way of allowing readers to find out about books they may not otherwise get to hear about. I was lucky enough to get one of my books reviewed by her and really valued the comments and feedback provided.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks, Jeyran, for your review of eco-feminist dystopian novel The Vatican Games. You reveal a very insightful appreciation and grasp of the underlying themes in the book and their importance! I’m so pleased that you also enjoyed the plot and the main character. It’s for readers like you that I write!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks, Jeyran, for your review of eco-feminist dystopian novel The Vatican Games. Your insightful review reveals an appreciation and grasp of the underlying themes and their importance in the storyline and cleverly hints at the overall message in the book. I’m so pleased that you also enjoyed the plot and the main character. Greatly appreciate your helpful observations for potential readers.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jeyran Main displays an open-minded approach to the books that come before her for consideration. The Secret Sign of the Lizard People does not fit neatly into one particular genre and she has reviewed it with a fair and inciteful approach. Thank you very much, Jeyran, for your review!

    Liked by 1 person

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