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  1. Getting honest reviews is what every author hopes for (or should hope for!) Jeyran’s review of ‘Fierce Girls’ was thoughtful, honest and interested in the story, She obviously ‘got’ the main theme of the story – intelligent, brave and competent females who don’t fold when under fire and don’t need ‘rescuing.’ Fierce Girls feature Kelly Cassidy, the matriarch of the family and each installment of the series will feature a background chapter about one of the key female characters. Thank you, Jeyran!

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  2. If you are looking for an honest, insightful, and detailed review, Jeyran is your person. She is very knowledgeable, generous, flexible, and always willing to help. Will definitely be returning for any new books I write. Deeply grateful for her help. Book early because Jeyran takes care, and this means taking time to read and digest your book before posting a review. She has a long waitlist for a reason! Wonderful to meet such a caring writer who is also a book lover! Thank you, Jeyran!

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  3. Thank you, Jeyran, for your thoughtful review of my psychological thriller COVER YOUR TRACKS. I was so pleased that you enjoyed the writing and the fast pace, while at the same time identifying with the protagonist, Margo Fletcher. The best book reviews are concise yet insightful and multilayered. Your review of my novel is just that. We authors very much appreciate a reviewer who recommends their book and who looks forward to reading their future works. Thank you again!


  4. Thank you Jeyran for your honest review. I think you caught the spirit of the book well. I agree on the formating and the editing was terrible. So bad I pulled the book and broke the contract with the publisher and the book is no longer in print or available to purchase. I have done something of a rewrite and edit with software and intend to get the book published with a new cover and title.


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    • I am here to help you with the editing and the formatting should you choose to go ahead with the changes you are considering.


  5. Finding reviewers who are willing and have the time to take on an indie author’s first novel is hard! It’s sending out dozens of emails and getting no responses or negative responses and working and working to keep your spirits up and your belief in your book strong when it seems like no one is willing to help you get it out there… That’s why people like Jeyran are so important! Because she’s willing to help little indie author’s by giving honest, insightful reviews when it feels like no one else will! Thank you so much, Jeyran, for helping me put my work just that little bit further out into the world!


  6. I wanted to thank Jeyran for taking the time to read GONE and leave an honest, thoughtful review. These reviews are invaluable to an author’s career. It’s nice to find a reviewer who takes that responsibility so seriously.

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  7. Jeyran was great to work with. All emails were replied to promptly, our book was read and reviewed within the indicated timeframe, and we felt as though the review itself was fair and honest. Thank you for the help, Jeyran!

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  8. 1,400 reviews! This fine accomplishment leaves just about any reviewer in the dust, and must tire out people thinking of the astonishing work dossier built up. Most important, this labor has benefited 1,400 authors, all of us valuing a much needed professional and timely review of our published writing. Thank you, Review Tales, and may we benefit from the next 1,400!

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