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Review Tales Magazine – Summer Edition

ISSUE 03 – Featuring:
E T McNamara: Writing for personal satisfaction
Christina Samycia: Becoming the Author of Your Life
Shane Wilson: Emerging from Isolation
A. Carina Spears: Writing Out of Anger
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Fall Edition

ISSUE 04 – Featuring:
Sherri Moshman-Paganos: Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change
Stephen J. Kristof: Feeling Normal Again
Sylvie Beljanski: Winning the War on Cancer
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Spring Edition

ISSUE 02 – Featuring:
A Writing Process that Works: Being a Neurodivergent Author by Zachary Hagen
Lessons Learned from the Bumps, Bruises, and Trials of Publishing by Michael J. Brooks
Whom are You Writing For? by Donald Furrow-Scott
Plus much more…

Review Tales Magazine – Winter Edition

ISSUE 01 – Featuring:
What do you do with a drunk-en writ-er’s block? by Rod A. Walters
Of politics and fiction by Steven Day
Finding your audience by Louise BĂ©langer
Thinking outside the box by Rob Samborn
Creating something meaningful by Brett Atlas
Plus much more…

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