Cress by Marissa Meyer (Book Review #4)

Cress is a retell on our very own “Rapunzel” fairy tale. There are of course some differences in where she is trapped and what she ends up doing, however, her personality is pretty much like what we know from Rapunzel.

Cress is a very smart girl; she is just as beautiful with long hair and did not spend her life confined doing anything. Even though she was a prisoner, she still managed to lead a full life learning everything she could. This book does not talk much about Cress’s story, and her past, however, later on, by reading Marissa Meyer’s Stars above and Winter, you do realize some dark secrets about her, her father and how she ended up being on the ship. I found her fascinating.


I like her more than all the other characters and believe that without Cress, no one was able to accomplish anything. We all know when there is a team, and they all have one goal, one of them always ends up being the smart one, one is funny, the other is lucky and so on. In this case, Cress is the missing piece in knowledge and technicality.



Cress has a sweet song she always sings to herself. This poem has an excellent history and a story that goes with it.

Her affection towards Throne and the way she handled it was sweet as well. I would not change anything about the storyline except that I think it would have been nice to add her history and past all in one book rather than scatter it into two other books.

This plot, characters, and sequels to this storyline is very intriguing and is highly recommended by me.

Jeyran Main

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