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The Sound of The Broken Wand By Tiki Black (Book Review #1454)

‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand’ is a poetry collection and an essay that consists of life, living and death. The six sections cover a broad subject area that can be relatable and enjoyable for the readers.


‘And the clouds parted’ is a book consisting of a collection of poetry written with care and the intention to let you in the author’s world. When the world went into lockdown, everything changed. People were lost, most things became electronically dependable, and the… Continue Reading “AND THE CLOUDS PARTED by GABRIELLE YETTER (Book Review #1389)”

Rose From the Moon by Ilda Kunic (Book Review #1299)

Rose from the Moon is a collection of poetry about love. And what is love? The cosmic soul is definitely expressed here. This is a good read, and its vivid descriptive writing provides the best experience for those who enjoy poetry.

The Prophecy of Achilles by H M Roberts (Book Review #1287)

The Prophecy of Achilles is a poetic retelling of the myth of Achilles. It all begins with Peles begins having doubts over his offspring repeatedly dying shortly after birth. Unknown to him, Thetis Achilles’ mother sacrifices them in the fire to make them immortal.… Continue Reading “The Prophecy of Achilles by H M Roberts (Book Review #1287)”

Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) by  Larry Berger (Book Review #1214)

Instant poetry is a short book including a collection of 48 poems. Of course, the inspiration behind creating this book was when Larry was influenced by the words his fellow writers called out as he would sit with them at their interactive poetry readings.… Continue Reading “Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) by  Larry Berger (Book Review #1214)”

Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)

Out of no way is a beautiful story about Madam C. J. Walker, a haircare entrepreneur, and her daughter, A’Lelia. Roje. It is a historical fiction poetry book filled with the love of a mother and daughter relationship. Each poem is written differently, and… Continue Reading “Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)”

The Dust of Hope by Judy Croome (Book Review #1178)

The dust of hope is a religious, inspirational poetry book filled with runes and Norse mythology. Each section has a beautiful poem and deals with the emotions we all face during these challenging times. The global pandemic has definitely forced us with changes and… Continue Reading “The Dust of Hope by Judy Croome (Book Review #1178)”

The Goodbye Song by Karl Kristian Flores (Book Review #1096)

The goodbye song is a collection of 10 poems, 10 sonnets, 10 haikus, 10 letters, 10 scenes, 10 objects, 10 definitions, 10 directions, 10 entries, 10 recipes. I found the 10 first poems to be retable and enjoyable to read. The pages have subtle… Continue Reading “The Goodbye Song by Karl Kristian Flores (Book Review #1096)”

Palm Lines by Jonathan Koven (Book Review #1019)

Palm Lines is a collection of poems about nature. The poems were divided into three segments and each was accompanied by beautiful illustrations that complemented the work. The author expresses scenes that were related to his youth and expressions of love and relationships.