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Fearful by Christian Nava (Book Review #1141)

Fearful is a children’s book about a twelve-year-old boy who gets in trouble being desperate to become an influencer. He finds a phone abandoned and thinks this is it, but the phone is cursed, and he has to face many troubles with his friends… Continue Reading “Fearful by Christian Nava (Book Review #1141)”

The Day the Sun Didn’t Rise by Robert Bossler (Book Review #1131) 

The day the sun didn’t rise is a children’s book and begins with Phoebe landing on Earth meeting Adelia in search of the sun. Phoebe is sent by the moon and is the only one courageous enough to make the trip looking for the… Continue Reading “The Day the Sun Didn’t Rise by Robert Bossler (Book Review #1131) ”

The Captain’s Daughters by Doreen D. Berger (Book Review #1066)

The Captain’s daughter is a children’s book science fiction story and begins with Diane and Robin, two sisters having fun horseback riding and relaxing on their family ranch. Captain William March of the Starship Polaris is their father, and when the girls don’t come… Continue Reading “The Captain’s Daughters by Doreen D. Berger (Book Review #1066)”

AI in your life by Chai the AI Bot (Book Review #1028)

AI club is introducing seven books about artificial intelligence and its implications, application and concepts to children. The club is owned and run by Nisha Talagala, and the series is a beautiful collection for parents to use as a tool to teach kids about… Continue Reading “AI in your life by Chai the AI Bot (Book Review #1028)”

Eve’s Ducklings by Maria Monte & Emelie Wiklund (Book Review #959)

Eve’s Ducklings is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It is about a little girl named Eve who loves animals and gets excited about the ducklings she sees when they go to the par with her grandpa.

Noonimals BELIEVE by Dalandra Young (Book Review #979)

Noonimals BELEIVE is a children’s book discussing the Law of attraction and the notion that you can be whoever you want if you only believe. The story begins with Adriano and his mother. Adriano doesn’t want to play soccer and feels that he is… Continue Reading “Noonimals BELIEVE by Dalandra Young (Book Review #979)”

WHO’S JERRY? BY T. M. JACKSON (Book Review #970)

Who’s Jerry is a story about a little girl who navigates mental illness with her mother. Every time Imani approaches her mother, she snaps back and verbally neglects her child. Imani does not know what she has done wrong. Her mother talks about a… Continue Reading “WHO’S JERRY? BY T. M. JACKSON (Book Review #970)”

Simon’s tree party by Stephen G. Bowling (Book Review #939)

Simon’s tree party is a children’s book. The story begins with Simon living with Mother bird and inviting all of his friends to come and play at his house. The obliging mother bird offers to cook and bake goodies for Simon’s friends. However, when… Continue Reading “Simon’s tree party by Stephen G. Bowling (Book Review #939)”

Kindergarten Writing Paper by Jake Dennis (Book Review #887)

Kindergarten writing paper is a practice workbook allowing children aged 3-6 to practice writing between the dotted-lines. The first few pages teach you how to write the alphabet. Arrows allow you to know what directed the letters are to be drawn, and all together,… Continue Reading “Kindergarten Writing Paper by Jake Dennis (Book Review #887)”