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A Dog Named Zero by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #819)

A dog named zero is a children’s book written about a dog that has lived most of his life in Hawaii and an apple that is juicy and has no name. Dog wants to eat the apple, but the apple is too high up… Continue Reading “A Dog Named Zero by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #819)”

Its Music time by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #820)

It’s music time is a children’s book written about a young boy who leaves home with his little drum to head for his music lesson. As he goes, his mother lets him know that he shouldn’t dilly dally and get there on time. Instead… Continue Reading “Its Music time by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #820)”

You can’t tickle me by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #818)

You can’t tickle me is a children’s book about a little boy who thinks there is a tickle monster waiting to tickle him. Once he wears his paper monster hat and walks around the house imagining the notion of the chase, everything changes. The… Continue Reading “You can’t tickle me by T. C. Bartlett (Book Review #818)”

Wander New York: Fitz in the City by Reese and Jon Traves (Book Review #778)

Wander New York is a Children picture book written about Fitz, a little fox who travels to New York for the first time. As he walks and explores the City that never sleeps, he finds himself in a kafuffle walking the subway.

Where Is My Underwear? By Justin Kipp (Book Review #687)

Where is my underwear? This is a short children’s book written to inspire and to teach the youth about how to play with words.

Sparky Lost Her Flame by Regina McDonald (Book Review #667)

Sparky lost her flame is a children’s story about a dragon that refuses to brush her teeth. She lies to her parents about doing so, and as a consequence, at school, she fails to create flames, or when she does, it smells bad.

Hidden Scales by A. M. Robin (Book Review #644)

Hidden scales is book one of its series. It is a children’s book based on a fantasy, sword, and sorcery storyline focused on a girl named Mira. She is only eleven and encounters some water creatures called Merrows, which are supposed to be extinct.… Continue Reading “Hidden Scales by A. M. Robin (Book Review #644)”

Raven’s Will (The Snow Queen Saga 1) by Terry Graves (Book Review #607)

Raven’s will is a children’s folk tale about a Snow Queen called Skadi. The story is like a fairytale retelling and is set in the Viking Age. The Queen’s main job is to protect the Bifrost Bridge from the trolls and giants. Her job… Continue Reading “Raven’s Will (The Snow Queen Saga 1) by Terry Graves (Book Review #607)”

Carries Flight by Lois Wickstrom (Book Review #597)

Carries Flight is a children’s book written about a girl young girl named Carrie. She has a very strong bond and relationship with her grandmother and learns that she too, like her grandma, has the ability and magic to fly. As her grandma teaches… Continue Reading “Carries Flight by Lois Wickstrom (Book Review #597)”