Category: Woman’s Fiction

The harvest of her life’s summer by Veronica Gventsadze (Book Review #691)

The harvest of her life’s summer is a fictional story about Alexandra Baumann. At the age of 37, she has decided to become a spinster. She is content with living in Canada as a pharmacist. Her parents immigrated when she was 9, and a… Continue Reading “The harvest of her life’s summer by Veronica Gventsadze (Book Review #691)”

The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)

The songstress is a fantasy story and is the first book written from the Records of the Three Realms series. There is something special about Kari, the protagonist of the story. She tries to save and protect a girl from being taken by the… Continue Reading “The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)”

The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)

The dark child is a family-oriented story about Kezia. She struggles with her mother, sister, father and brother, as each to their own suffers from some form of mental, physical and relationship issues. Above all this, there is a big family secret that is… Continue Reading “The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)”

Immaculate Conception by I. J. Miller (Book Review #672)

Immaculate Conception is a fictional story about two women who happen to have a baby together by using a surrogate. However, the biological father ends up making their lives hell forcing them to move countries. However, he does not stop there.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by S.M. Stevens (Book Review #693)

Horseshoes and hand grenades is a story about two women who happen to experience abuse. Astrid happens to experience this from work and is severely affected by it. For Shelby things are different. She is scarred from a very young age. This matter influences… Continue Reading “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by S.M. Stevens (Book Review #693)”

Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)

Changing the subject is a contemporary comic novel written about Sue. She undertakes some clinical trial drugs to prevent the deterioration of her mind due to having Alzheimer’s. While the problem is not fixed, she begins to look and think like she is 18,… Continue Reading “Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)”

Spilling Blood by L. Penn (Book Review #669)

Spilling blood is a story of revenge. The author tells the story of a teenager who is raped by her boyfriend and how she takes every measure to take back what she feels she lost. Toni is strong, and with the help of her… Continue Reading “Spilling Blood by L. Penn (Book Review #669)”

Memoirs of a False Messiah by Pamela Becker (Book Review #643)

Memoirs of a false Messiah is a memoir written about a woman who has a message from God. MiMi has a mission, and that has her move from her mixed religious home to Orthodox Judaism and eventually has her cultivate her own cult.

A Wolf in Women’s Clothing by Asterisk Five (Book Review #628)

A wolf in women’s clothing is a humorous fiction novel written about Franklin becoming Rosie. The transition isn’t as simple as she thinks. Kids at school bully her, insults come swaying from every corner, and her situation is deemed as “dysphoria.”