Category: Woman’s Fiction

On Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine (Book Review #1300)

On Rosy Lane is a woman’s fiction story and is about how Rose fights to keep Rose Elaine after her mother passes away. The manor means a lot to her as it has been a place of refuge for over a hundred years. Unfortunately… Continue Reading “On Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine (Book Review #1300)”

Magnetism by Jacqueline Gay Walley (Book Review #1097)

Magnetism is a beautiful story about Mira, a woman who isn’t finding luck in dating or even feeling youthful enough to explore that option properly. But, the lady living above her, who is much older, has everything she seeks. When the old lady passes,… Continue Reading “Magnetism by Jacqueline Gay Walley (Book Review #1097)”

Barefoot Alice by Jan Porter (Book Review #1069)

Barefoot Alice is a contemporary woman’s fiction novel about how Alice’s husband leaves her and how her background shapes this person’s character in dealing with the matter. Alice is very relatable, and her story can remind you of so many people you probably know.

She Lost Her Muse by June Rollins (Book Review #915)

She lost her muse is a beautiful story about two friends, Meagan and Poppy. College roommates, successful artists, and best of friends, nothing seems to be stopping for these two girls. Suddenly, Poppy loses a semester before graduating and her father, Pastor Wayne, sends… Continue Reading “She Lost Her Muse by June Rollins (Book Review #915)”

Drawing the line: No Ladies in Room A3 by CLARE SCOPES (Book Review #909)

Drawing the line is a historical fiction about Maggie Goodwin. The story is set in 1938, and no ladies are working as animators at Harley Studios, Los Angeles. Maggie wants to prove everyone wrong.        

Catch Handle by Alison O’Mara (Book Review #879)

Catch handle is a fictional contemporary story about beautiful Arabian horses and Vivian, a new veterinarian’s journey working with them at her aunt’s ranch.

The harvest of her life’s summer by Veronica Gventsadze (Book Review #691)

The harvest of her life’s summer is a fictional story about Alexandra Baumann. At the age of 37, she has decided to become a spinster. She is content with living in Canada as a pharmacist. Her parents immigrated when she was 9, and a… Continue Reading “The harvest of her life’s summer by Veronica Gventsadze (Book Review #691)”

The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)

The songstress is a fantasy story and is the first book written from the Records of the Three Realms series. There is something special about Kari, the protagonist of the story. She tries to save and protect a girl from being taken by the… Continue Reading “The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)”

The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)

The dark child is a family-oriented story about Kezia. She struggles with her mother, sister, father and brother, as each to their own suffers from some form of mental, physical and relationship issues. Above all this, there is a big family secret that is… Continue Reading “The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)”