Category: Comic Books

Monroe and Murphy: Issue 1 by Stephen Peeples, Nicolò Arcuti and Marco Della Verde (Book Review #1204)

Monroe and Murphy is a comic book and is the first book in the series. As a comic book, I found everything very appealing and exciting. The story’s content is about a private investigation taking place, reopening a 5-year-old case.

Semenars by Mattias Kronstrand (Book Review #1158)

Semenars is a graphic book with 50 strip comic strips about life. The book is illustrated with pencil drawings and begins with several sperms talking to each other about their journey to reach the egg. The back and forth between the sperms are filled… Continue Reading “Semenars by Mattias Kronstrand (Book Review #1158)”

Ladies of Market Street by Emily Whitaker (Book Review #102)

Right from the start, the story throws you into a drama scene where Veronica Baldwin is locked in a basement. She is being imprisoned alongside twenty other women. These women are being used as sex slaves. She is trying to escape. Then we go… Continue Reading “Ladies of Market Street by Emily Whitaker (Book Review #102)”