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An Interview with Donovan Hufnagle

All my pieces, collections, and books are like my children; they each fill a special space—I favor not one more than the other. How could a parent pick their favorite child? My first book, The Sunshine Special, will always be my first. The book… Continue Reading “An Interview with Donovan Hufnagle”

An Interview with Matejs Kalns

1-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Probably very late on, I’ve always written stories from a very young age, scribbled little ideas and scenes. I didn’t fully commit to writing a novel until I was in my late twenties. It was a very nerve-wracking experience, but my debut book… Continue Reading “An Interview with Matejs Kalns”

Hello Spring! The 6th Magazine Edition is out!

Review Tales Magazine – The 6th Spring Edition is out! Please support your writing community by purchasing a copy today. Review Tales MagazineSpring Edition 6 We welcome Spring 2023 with open arms. The 6th edition of this magazine is filled with many delightful and… Continue Reading “Hello Spring! The 6th Magazine Edition is out!”

Following Hollywood on location by Richard Starks

Write what you know. That’s one of the rules for creating good fiction, so as much as possible you should draw on your own first-hand experiences. Not easy to do when you’re writing historical fiction (unless you’re two hundred years old), in which case… Continue Reading “Following Hollywood on location by Richard Starks”

Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein

No one likes staring at a blank page. Fortunately, many writers cultivate all sorts of prompts and tools to conquer that authorial vacuum as much as possible – whether it be leaving the previous day’s writing off on a cliffhanger – or maintaining an… Continue Reading “Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein”

An Interview With David Seaburn

Broken Pieces of God is contemporary literary fiction. Primarily, this means it is a character driven story. The main plot revolves around the lives of Eddy and Gayle Kimes and their two adult offspring, Rich and Sandy. Eddy has recently lost his job with… Continue Reading “An Interview With David Seaburn”

Today Marks 6 years

6 years have passed, and it certainly has gone by fast. WordPress does give you these nice reminders. Well, let’s say a big thank you to everyone who follows, likes, subscribes, and endlessly supports this platform for authors. You guys make a difference! Here’s… Continue Reading “Today Marks 6 years”

Writing Memoir Became My Heroine Journey by Maria Warner

Like a typical heroine, what I thought I wanted and what I needed to expose themselves in the process of writing. When I became an empty nester, I knew that I needed something to fulfil my life. Sitting on my meditation mat one morning… Continue Reading “Writing Memoir Became My Heroine Journey by Maria Warner”

Your words your world

I would like to thank Jeyran Main for being part of Your Words Your World blog tour and many thanks to Serena at Poetic Book Tours for organizing such a great one. What an amazing opportunity! For anyone who has read my first poetry… Continue Reading “Your words your world”