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Assassins: A Nostraterra Fantasy Novel by David N. Pauly (Book Review #1243)

Assassins is book one of the Fourth Age- Shadow Wars series. The story is set in the land of Nostraterra and is a young adult teen story written about elves, dwarves, and their conflicts of race.

The Aging Machine by Paul Robert Schreyer (Book Review #1235)

The aging machine is a young adult story about John and Taylor, two 15-year-olds living in a state-run care facility, both accused of a murder they never conducted and sentenced to 60 years of life in prison.

The Adventures of Ominous Crane By R.C.J. Dwane (Book Review #1206)

The adventure of ominous is a young adult/ teen book and is filled with the adventures of a famous Ominous Crane who retells his stories with his grandson.

Fae or Foe? By C A DEEGAN (Book Review #1191)

Fae or Foe is book one of the Cracklock Saga series. The young adult fantasy story begins with Jack Crackley and him trying to stay away from the ever-changing world around him, but as luck has it, he is fallen right in the middle… Continue Reading “Fae or Foe? By C A DEEGAN (Book Review #1191)”

Max and the Isle of Sanctus by John Peragine (Book Review #1174)

Max and the isle of Sanctus is the second book of the ‘Secrets of the Twilight Djinn’ series. The fantasy fiction story begins with Max Daybreaker embarking on a new adventure. This time, he is dealing with much more, a Kraken, dragons, and powers… Continue Reading “Max and the Isle of Sanctus by John Peragine (Book Review #1174)”

Genepool by A. E. Price (Book Review #1140)

Genepool is a young adult/adult crossover science fiction fantasy book. It is the debut novel from A. E. Price and begins with eleven-year-old Anya. She is special in so many ways, but above all, her genes have been modified before she was even born.


Choosing life is the third book of ‘The changing ways series’ and is written about a young girl dealing with therapy, failed relationships, and the chance of falling into the same old bad habits.

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)

Dragons in the clouds is a fantasy fiction story and begins with the tales of dragons and their connection with lightning and thunder. The book is geared towards the younger generation and is filled with action and adventure. There is a mystery, magic and… Continue Reading “Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)”

Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)

Prince Ewald the brave is an epic fantasy story. It is the first book in the Gift-Knight trilogy and begins with the royal family Prince Bonifaz, Princess Isabel, King Jonnecht and Queen Dulcibella. Last but not least, the story emphasizes mainly Prince Ewald, the… Continue Reading “Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)”