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AI in your life by Chai the AI Bot (Book Review #1028)

AI club is introducing seven books about artificial intelligence and its implications, application and concepts to children. The club is owned and run by Nisha Talagala, and the series is a beautiful collection for parents to use as a tool to teach kids about… Continue Reading “AI in your life by Chai the AI Bot (Book Review #1028)”

The stark divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (Book Review #863)

The stark divide is a sci-fi series, an epic story of the first-generation ship heading for the stars. The story is about The Dressler, a living ship that is on its way to deliver a genetically engineered seed as an organism to the asteroid… Continue Reading “The stark divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (Book Review #863)”

THE ETHICS OF A.I. by Heidi J. Hewett

THE ETHICS OF A.I. by Heidi J. Hewett   People have been making tools since the early Stone Age to help us do things. Sometimes we build things just to see if we can. Artificial Intelligence straddles both. I think that’s part of what makes… Continue Reading “THE ETHICS OF A.I. by Heidi J. Hewett”

Access Universe by R.S. Hill (Book Review #473)

Access Universe is a science fiction novel written about Silver Rainwater, a Native American student who participates in a game that tests her moral compass. As she continues to work with the challenges. She notices some crucial things about the system she is facing.… Continue Reading “Access Universe by R.S. Hill (Book Review #473)”