The stark divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (Book Review #863)


The stark divide is a sci-fi series, an epic story of the first-generation ship heading for the stars. The story is about The Dressler, a living ship that is on its way to deliver a genetically engineered seed as an organism to the asteroid 43 Ariadne. Considering the earth is in a state of collapse, the author takes on us a thrilling adventure with artificial intelligence, technology, and raw materials that make you wonder after the book is finished.

I found this LGTB science fiction written well and filled with notions of a very exciting quest. The science behind the matter was well researched, and the author clearly had done his homework. The cast of character was fully specialized for the mission, and everyone knew exactly what they are meant to do or figure out. I think the tale would have been a little complicated for a person who was not into the genre or rarely read it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The literature had a nice flow to it, and the author considered describing parts that mattered in a very well way.

I recommend it to anyone who likes to read intense and thrilling sci-fi material. The author can write and tell stories in a way that you can fantasize about and easily envision the plot. This ability comes with skills that I admired.

Written by Jeyran Main

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