Can you see my scars? by Samuel Moore-Sobel (Book Review #840)


Can you see my scars? is a memoir about Samuel’s trauma, healing, recovery, and adversity? It begins with him being 15 years of age working before he starts high school. A tragic accident with sulfuric acid leaves him with countless challenges, surgical procedures, and emotional setbacks. This not only changes his way of viewing life but also the world and everyone around him.

At his age, everything is about the image. He returns to school and faces all that comes including, graduating, having romantic interactions, college admittance and more.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I particularly enjoyed the message embedded in the memoir. I think we could all learn much from the following quote, and for this reason, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

“Along his journey, Samuel learns a profound lesson: We all have scars. Some scars are more visible than others, but whether visible or invisible—emotional or physical—we all bear the scars of our past. The question isn’t whether we carry scars, but what we do with them once they arrive.”

The book cover was very fitting, and the literature was written very well. It was easy to bond with Samuel and feel for everything he was going through.

Much is learned from this memoir, and it is very suitable for young adults also to realize how one can overcome troubles and change their perspective at such a vital time of their youth.

Written by Jeyran Main

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